Monday, September 07, 2009

Sette Settembre

Seven years ago, I was a bride to be, all nervous and jittery, hoping that the solemnization would go smoothly without a hitch.
Seven years on, three kids and Alhamdulillah we are still going strong.

More as a reminder for myself to sustain our relationship, I'd like to share Petua 8P by one of my favourite pendakwah, Ustazah Siti Nur Bahyah:

1) Puji - after all, flattery is the BEST policy. (Eh, ke honesty?)

2) Peluk - Who would not love a good bear hug?
A hug is a form of physical intimacy, along with kissing. Unlike some other forms of physical intimacy, it is practiced publicly and privately without stigma in many nations, religions and cultures, within families, and also across age and gender lines.
It (I'm referring to absoluteastronomy, not the Ustazah here) then goes on to explain about cuddling and spooning. hihihihi

3) Penghargaan - Appreciation which is tied to the act of giving presents and gifts to your spouse. Me likey, Ustazah! :)

4) Perhatian - Pay attention.Enough said.

5) Persefahaman - Agreement? Not really. More to giving your other half the chance to say his piece, try to see it from his point of view. He might just have one. I think it's more to trying to be in his shoes before jumping to conclusions. For this to take place, communication is KEY.

6) Pergaulan - She was referring more to our social interaction with other people, i.e. colleagues and friends of the opposite sex. I would like to add to that our relationship with our spouse too in and out of the bedroom. ;)

7) Percutian - Taking time off / vacationing without the kids would definitely bring you closer to each other. Plan a holiday where you get to have enough "WE" time to keep the fire burning.

8) Permohonan - Nothing beats berdoa and seeking for His blessing. :)

Here's to many many more years to come, Insya Allah..

-dillz blogging out-


Amy said...

Happy 7th anniversary! Here's wishing for many many happy years to come

Along said...

Happy 7th anniversary. I guess it's time for the 7 year itch..hehehe...minta cik abang garukkan je la..:D

Superfluous_Babe said...

happy anniversary kak dilla... semoga kekal hingga akhir hayat, dunia & akhirat. amiin.

Sya pun nak ambil the petua tu jugak lah.

dillazag said...

Amy: Thanks babe. Ditto the doa. :)

Along: Have heard of that too.. Makin gatal makin kena kuat peluk nih.. hihihihihi Insya Allah, all will be well..

Zasya: Thanks, dear. On the Petua - Sila, sila.. I tak trademark tu. Ustazah yang punya, kita sharing-sharing saja.. :)

kucingorengemok said...

ooo cakap feghancis jugak ;) i like tip no7 the best, hehe... happy anniversary

dillazag said...

italiano llah.. ;)
Saya kalau percutian tuh, melompat-lompat kesukaan! :)

sity29 said...

happy anniversary ye kak dilz! rasa cam baru je tgk gamba akak tunang eehehehehe :P

chics said...

HaPPY Anniversary Kak Dilla!

wanshana said...

Happy Anniversary, Dilla. Happiness always. God bless :)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

happy anniversary lovebirds :) semoga bahagia hingga ke syurga :D

dillazag said...

sity: hahah.. sooo tua already, ma... :) thanks for the wishes, dear.. :)

chics: thanks dearest. :)

dillazag said...

kak shana: thanks, sista. :) nak bahagia macam you jugak.. ;)

sha: what a lovely wish. me hearts it! :) thanks, darl!

Nomee said...

Selamat Ulangtahun kak. Tahniah. (eh, boleh ke cakap tahniah? Boleh lah..!)

nadya.s said...

tahniah dan slamat hari ulang taun kak dillz, i still remember your big day :)

i'll take note of the 8P. incase nad kawen jugak 1 hari nnt..hehe!!

Anonymous said...

happy 7th anniversary kak dilla :) semoga berbahagian sehingga ke anak cucu piut dan seterusnya...

-matun & syed-

ms ngantuk said...

k dilla,
u look so klasik lah in that picture, anyway congrats n happy anniversary to both of u!

p/s dah khatamlah buku ustazah tu? bolehla share > tips

dillazag said...

nomee: thanks dear.. :)

nad: hahaha.. dah berjanggut dah saya since then.. baguskan petua dia? i like her style, so easy-going and tak pressure orang..

dillazag said...

matun/syed: thanks dears.. Insya Allah, sampai ke anak cucu piut miut semua.. :)

kay: first mistake is to have white baju, on white bedspread and white dinding.. hihihihihi
tu gambar on my bedroom wall- masa dua-dua masing slim dan ayu. hahahahahaha