Thursday, September 10, 2009

Changing our driving habits, one pledge at a time

Yesterday was 09.09.09, the day Malaysians Unite for Road Safety.
I heard about it over the radio and have seen the banner plastered on the more socially-concious blogs (as opossed to blogs such as mine yang dok cerita apa saya atau keluarga saya makan, beli or buat pada hari ini) So, obviously, I was intrigued to find out more about it.
Essentially, pledges in the form of text, pictures and videos are received from all Malaysians on the ways they would reduce accidents and save lives. We are asked to honour these pledges for 12-hours between 9:00am-to-9:00pm on 9 September 2009.
My last visit to the MUFORS page revealed that there were 231,280 pledges to date. Not very many, eh? How sad..
I personally think Malaysian drivers are transformed into another being once they get behind the drivers seat. It is as if the law now does not apply to them. The anonimity makes them ruder and more selfish. I mean, the things you see people (or I) actually do - I mean, forget about it..
Take cutting queues for example. Sure, you need to get there fast. Sure, they are plain ineffective. Tak cekap, slow, lembab.. But, hey! Orang lain pun nak cepat jugak. Whatever your reasons maybe, cutting queues is just plain rude. Just because the other drivers do not know you personally, that doesn't give you the ticket to be rude. You wouldn't get caught cutting queues when your neighbours are there, would you? Habis satu kampung mengata, Anak sipolan-sipolan tu, kurang ajar, ek. Mak diorang tak ajar ke? Sapa yang malu? Mereka dan keluarga mereka jugak yang malu.. I know you get what I mean.
Anyhoots, the moral is, we need to change and what better way to start with one-self.

My text pledge berbunyi:
Dilla Zaghlol:
I pledge to:
1. Not read or reply to any sms whilst driving
2. Always ensure that my passengers and I are safely buckled before the start of our journey.

In any case, I don't think this pledge has a validity period. So, I am continuing on with my pledge and try to keep them as best as I can. maybe in time, I'll add more good driving behaviours to my pledge and build it on one pledge at a time. Just wanna keep it simple and do-able. Sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit, maa..
How about you? Don't you wanna keep our roads safer for all? What would you pledge to do?

-dillz blogging out-


Real Woman said...

ok ok I pledge to wear my seatbelt sekerap mungkin becoz i just hate using them! i know i know it's really BAD but i'll try. I also will try not to reply sms and read sms and also hold my phone on loudspeaker mode while driving! and also pledge to make sure that the kids are buckled up before kereta bergerak!hmm...we'll see akan jadi kenyataan atau tak!

dillazag said...

Start small, babe.. That's the spirit..
But, to wear your seatbelt sekerap mungkin.. Wah.... Yang ni kena buat ni - no excuses.. :)~~ Just hope polis trafik tak baca comment ni. hihihihihihi