Thursday, September 03, 2009

Ramadhan Challenges For Khadra and Khaleeq

Like many other kids in Malaysia, school started on Tuesday for Khadra and Khaleeq. In these past few days , they were faced with new challenges in order to keep their fast.

Challenge 1: Tak Bangun Sahur

First day of school and we all tak bangun sahur. :(

Khadra was the first to complain.
K1: "We didn't wake up, so we don't have to fast, right? "
Mom: "Yes, you do, Khadra. Just try your best. You didn't wake up on your first day of fasting, either. Remember? "
K1:"Oh ya. I forgot"

Khaleeq asked for a glass of water. I just replied that he couldn't have it coz he's fasting. He just said, "I'm fasting? Oh. Okay.."

Initially thought of just skipping school altogether, (they are only pre-school children, you know) but went ahead anyways.

Anyhoots, I thought it was the most difficult challenge for them coz I was also feeling the thirst and hunger by mid-day. When they returned home from school, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had both kept their fast. But, the worst is yet to come. I just advised them to sleep it off and play their DS Lite to distract the feeling..

By evening, Khaleeq was barely talking. He just kept quiet and played on his DS Lite. Once in a while he would complain of his tummy hurting. No cries what-so-ever. Just a statement of fact. Parmi helped rub on some minyak telon and he immediately went to the gentlemen to relieve himself. Must be the angin already. It does not help that Khaleeda was munching on pappadom and keropok - Khaleeq's favourites! Aaah!!! I just cuddled him until it was time to berbuka. Khadra was holding up pretty well. Not even one complaint from the Missy. Cayalah, kakak!

As soon as the azan was heard, he gulped down a mug of Ribena and a few minutes later he vomitted it all out. Lepas tu, baru dia ada selera nak makan and minum. It must have been pretty hard on him with the angin and all. (I remember having the same kedegilan to stick it out when I was little too. Must have gotten it from me, huh? Perasan) I am soooo proud of my boy for holding on to his fast! Good on you, Khaleeq boy!

Challenge 2: Tak Boleh Bangun Lepas Sahur

Sebelum ni, makan lah pukul 5:30am pun, lepas tu budak-budak boleh tidur sampai tengah hari. Now that school has started, it is a real bitch to wake them up to prepare for school. All mata layu and sleep-walking. They get cranky too. So kesian. So, we decided to revamp our schedule a little to rectify this.

Ideally, sahur should start at 3:30am so that the kids get to be in bed by 4:30am. That gives them a full cycle of 3 hours sleep before it's time for school. Backtracking, that also means that they need to be asleep by 9:30pm to give them two cycles of sleep before it's time for Sahur. That would be ideal. We'll try to fit as best as we could.

This morning pun, we finished our Sahur at 4:30am, so the kids were in their bed 5:00am. Running a little late on the schedule , but still OK. Not so much crankiness, but there were some, still. Today, we need to try harder. :)

Challenge 3: Kawan-Kawan Makan Masa Break

Break time in school (ala-ala recess, lah) , the kids get to eat and drink in class. Imagine your classmates eating and drinking in front of you; and you can't. Must be hard, eh?

So, I have requested that their teachers send them down to the office during break time so that they won't get distracted on their fasting. Sure terliur tengok orang makan depan you kaw-kaw, punya.. From the report that I got from Khadra, Khaleeq did not come down to the office during break. But he is still fasting. Kuat iman rupanya anak jantan saya ni. :)

Status so far?
On this 12th day of Ramadhan, Khaleeq has only missed a day of fasting. (Hari pertama tu, when he got goda-ed by the fried chicken for lunch) And lil Miss Khadra is still holding the full records! Bravo kids. I hope you'll both get to keep it up till the end of Ramadhan. :)

-dillz blogging out-


Didie said...

Cayalah anak2 you Kak. Dilla ;-) I wanted to train my 5 year old son to puasa jugak. But now, dia dok rumah atuk and uwan dia kat Sban. U know ler grandparents.. kesian ler, itu ler, ini lah.. puasa yang yok ler jawabnya :-p

Amy said...

Alah..comelness! Aunty Amy terlepas bangun sahur hari ni and Aunty Amy belum rasa apa2..tunggu la kul 3-4pm nanti, sure cranky and macam biatch! :P

dillazag said...

Odie: Tak pe lah. Start sikit-sikit.. Half-day dulu, pastu increase sikit-sikit sampai penuh.. My kids ni pun kalau nampak tak larat sangat I bagi je buka. Nasib baiklah OK setakat ni. I think the first 3-4 days tu crucial to condition their body sebab tak biasa, kan... Lepas tu dah OK dah.

Aunty Amy: Mommy pun cranky and bitchy jugak dah masuk petang-petang.. hihihihihi

azq said...

k.dilla, budak2 normal umur 5thn ni mmg dah boleh puasa sebenarnya. parents kena kuat semangat la.. heheheh... ye la, nak kejut sahur, nak membodek, bagi motivasi lagi.. peh, tu semua kerja kuat tuuu... :)

kucingorengemok said...

bagusnya tahan dugaan...

dillazag said...

azq: Setuju.. Setuju.. Mak bapak tu yang kena extra kuat.. Hihihihi

KOG: Bagus, bagus... Alhamdulillah..

The Star Gazer said...

The boys lebih kuat iman dari the girls apparently.. hahahah.. mine as well.. lebih tahan dugaan compared to the elder sister..

dillazag said...

Arn: I guess. Macho, lah kata.. hihihihi..

~Sasha Farina~ said...

bagusnyaa... keep it up kids. now singapore cuti sekolah... legalah kids bole tido balik lepas sahur. else, memang dorang siap langsung for school :)

dillazag said...

sha: after sahur terus siap ke? kesiannya.. sure so sleepy in school.
kat sini tinggal seminggu lagi je before cuti raya. so far they are holding up pretty well.. no misses yet since. :)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

dilla - sahur 4.30.. sementara kesat kesat mata.. gosok gosok perut nidhi suruh bangun.. dah 4.45.. makan S.L.O.W. . . hahahha... 5.30 start mandi sorang sorang. ikat rambut sorang sorang lagi.. 6.30 gitu kuar rumah :D

dillazag said...

sha, for me lately ni lagi teruk.. asyik penatttt je..
If too tired, bebudak tu tak pergi sekolah je la jawabnya.. nasib baik dah nak raya.. :)~~