Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Is Someone PiggyBacking on Me?

I woke up at about 2am this morning, opening the door for my hubby's return from a business discussion *iyolah tu..* and was reminded that I have yet to perform my Isya'. My hubby flicked the remote to HBO / STAR Movies (one of those movie channels) and Shutter was playing. Never heard of the movie before, but it looked kinda cool that my sister, Kira, and I ended up watching it till the end.

Damn scary lah! Cerita hantu OK...
Pictures from : here, here, here and here

Snapshot *pun intended* of it:
Photographer had a new bride, got into a tragic accident in Tokyo which may have caused the life of a young woman. (Kot, part ni saya tak tengok, I just gathered the fact from their dialong) They came back home (in another part of Asia, tak tahulah kat Korea ke Jepun ke mana) and the new bride started to realize that the young woman's ghost is starting to stalk her. A series of spooky and creepy incidences ensued. Husband is getting neck pains and effecting his spine. Spine has gone bongkok and his unexplainable weight gain though no excess fat is apparent. Photos are getting damaged by fuzzy fogs and bright light spots and other stuff..

The new bride got a hint that the pictures actually meant something and followed the lead to find the so-called truth:
1. Hantu is husband's supposedly estranged ex-girlfriend.
2. Ex-girlfriend is obsessed with husband and could not get over the fact that their relationship was over.
3. Ex-girlfriend kept stalking husband.
4. Husband's best friends told the ex-girlfriend to buzz off and leave husband alone.

Sometime later, the two bestfriends got killed by the hantu.

With these new developments, the newly-weds went to search the body of the deceased to find out what the hell was going on here. They found her in her mom's house, decomposed and rotten - yet sitting prettily on the swirly chair. She killed herself but the mom asked the police for her to keep her body there coz she could not live without her. Finally, the body would be sent for cremation the next day.

However, the hantu came back to haunt them that night and was shoo-ed off by the bride when she said, "He left you coz he didn't love you!!" Wailing, the hantu left. Case closed, of so they thought.

Scene baru. The new bride just developed some pictures and the fuzzy photos came back, once again. Flicking it through, she found an old Leica camera and with it the true story of what actually transpired that made the hantu suicidal.

On one Christmas party, the husband gave the ex-girlfriend some drugs and photographed her berfoya-foya with the husbands best-friends. With the intention to use the pictures to threat her to let him go. In the end, she was gang-raped by the two bestfriends.

Wah!! The hantu was actually trying to warn the new bride of this monster of a husband she has, rupanya.. So sweet lah hantu. So, the new bride now left the husband. And the husband used his polaroid camera to search for the hantu in the house. Couldn't find the hantu. He threw the camera and coincidentally tersnap a picture of himself.

Guess what? Jeng jeng jeng..

The hantu is on his shoulder
. Macam orang piggyback, tapi kat concert-concert tu.. Wallawei... Patutla, he weighed a tonne. Patutla, his spine dah bengkok! Patutla, his neck is strained.. Hantu dok bertenggek atas bahu rupanya.... Hantu has been there all along... Perggh!!! So, the husband tried to electrocute himself.

Last scene: Rumah orang sakit jiwa. Nurse was reeling in food for husband, and husband looked all droopy and haggard, but not dead. Hantu is still piggybacking on him - patutla bongkok semacam.. Eeee... seram siuts..

I liked the movie. Sampai terbayang-bayang masa nak tido. hihihihihi..

Thing is this morning, my neck pulak strained. Driving was a bitch especially everytime I had to turn my head to the right or left. Ish.. Timing betul.. Janganlah ada apa-apa yang piggyback on me pulak. Ni yang nak kena babap ni..

-dillz blogging out-


kucingorengemok said...

ini versi oramputih i've never seen, but i've seen the original thai movie, takut hokehhh! (plus hero hensem)... one of the takut-est movies, lagi satu is the eye, ni hollywood belum tiru lagi kan?

berani betul nak babap hantu atas tengkuk? haha :)

dillazag said...

memula tu macam tak nak tengok je.. Tapi macam syiok la pulak... :)

When I was googling the images, banyak lak gambar related to the Thai one yang keluar. Macam confuse sekejap. So, thanks for the explanation.. :)

Hantu kena ikat la bulan Ramadhan.. Tu yang berani tu..

atreyu strange said...

Ouhh, I've watched the original Thai movie. It left me with a scary impression even until today! (after so many years)

Come to think of it, the directors of the original movie were very young guys, abt 25 and 27 or so. Talented dudes.

dillazag said...

atreyu strange,
the thai original scary stuff are normally quite scary indeed. Nang nak comes to mind and that story about kids in a boarding school, apa tu? Dorm? Ish.. meremang bulu roma.. :)
BTW, cool blog you have there. I hope you don't mind me linking you in my blog roll. :)

Along said...

The original Thai one is better and scarier. Hollywood movies always mess Asian horror movies in mind, The Ring, Dark Water...grrr...somehow they become mindless slasher movies.

dillazag said...

Ditto that..
Look at what happened to Ju-on ..

Mimy Hamid said...

lol leh plak layan citer hantu pepagi buta kak oi..nasib bulan pose..ahhaha

dillazag said...

kalau tak puasa, mana berani buat statement camtu dik oii!!