Monday, September 28, 2009

Raya Dah Sudah, Kerja La Pulak..

Did not go to too many houses this Raya in the Klang Valley area. Just a VERY select few - maklumlah, kitorang tak berbibik. Bila lagi nak basuh baju, etc etc.. One Raya Saturday tu, laki bini pergi balik Pantai Hillpark after Subuh (we are now based in Puchong) untuk settlekan laundry yang dah jemur last Wednesday - need to fold baju yang lama and add on another 2 loads before we rushed back to get the kids ready for Raya outing. Serious. (Sekarang baru tau, senang-susah kerja bibik, padan muka kitorang)

However, we did get to parade some of our Raya outfits. (Special thanks to Yoi & Zatil for the shipped online purchases! We loved them!) Yeay!!! :) I just love playing dress-up with matching outfits for the kids.. Here's a series of pictures of Deeda munching on some keropok as captured by her Achu.

Today is the first day of school for Khadra and Khaleeq (we decided to extend their cuti:)) and Azrul's first day of work - as is for many of us out there.. Strangely, the traffic was kind on us this morning. :) I am on an extended holiday till tomorrow and will only be making my debut at work on Wednesday. Am working hard in Pantai Hillpark, though - can use this time to settle some of my laundry / housework and there's loads of office work to be done within this period . I wanna be on top of things when I return to work. Cheh! Semangat lak dia..

Selamat berkerja, y'all.. Udah-udah la berayanya.. ;)

p/s: Dah start Puasa Enam? Saya nak masuk Dua hari dah ni..

-dillz blogging out-


che' nah said...

"Am working hard in Pantai Hillpark, though - can use this time to settle some of my laundry / housework...". Hahaha! What a classic!

Anyway, some tips from a maidless-mom-of-4... :)

a) bulk cook and freeze (or tapau) -- cooking takes soooo much time!
b) train the children to help sort and fold their own clothes (la-la-la...) -- tang dah malam2 sket, repair balik lah mana2 yg senget2 tu... -- and don't forget to puji2 them lebey2 sket so that they go into kembang semangkuk mode. :)
c) prepare one full week of attire for school terus in one go so that everyday you only have to kosong kan the bag and put in fresh clean clothes in terus -- school uniform, for transit, nursery, tadika... (and don't forget the corresponding plastik baju kotor)...
d) prepare weekly menu utk bekal sekolah so that in the morns, you function on automode...
e) jgn inspect sgt the many corners and what-nots for habuks --dusts are mostly from our own skin pun. :P
f) don't renyuk the clothes after taking them off the line to reduce ironing effort... (I personally ramas kain sekuat hati before I buy them to ensure that they're the iron- and wrinkle-free type. hahaha.)

Failing which, bungkus everything and balik Puchong -- but of course you don't get to wear the French maid costume there, ay? :)

And a happy raya to you and the family, of course. :)

D.N.A.S said...

Dilla, invest in cloth hangers. Don't bother folding the cloth. Very time consuming. As for cooking put the chicken/fish/meat in the fridge (bahagian bawah) to thaw before you go to office so that when you come back at 7pm dah lembut sikit. Kalau terlambat sangat, boleh thaw guna microwave oven aje le.
I usually did the laundry at 9pm and sidai kat belakang rumah at around 10.30pm.

Amy said...

Saya belum start posa dan belum mari mood keje tapi dah pegi keje la :)

dillazag said...

che nah: I am based in Puchong so, tak payah pikir pasal makan budak-budak tu.. :) Plus, there's someone to look after Khaleeda while we're at work. Laundry tu kitorang buat sendiri coz tak nak susahkan maid my mom. :) So far it's manageable, alhamdulillah..

DNAS: I LOVE clothes hangers.. kalau lipat right after pick up from ampai, takyah nak iron. Woo-hoo!!!! :) I loike very much!

Amy:Kitorang puasa start awal so that sempat. Ni dah nak ada training and nak bejot la pulak.. So, kena cepat-cepat sikit habiskan..

zatil said...

get a dryer... basuh baju byk mana pun takyah nak jemur ;) and jimat space utk org2 duk apartment/condo nie... baju2 lepas dah keluar dryer jgn renyuk dlm bakul, gantung terus or lipat2 ala kadar dulu pun takpe, so baju2 tak kedut, and senang nak iron later or takyah iron.

dillazag said...

mana i nak sumbat dryer tu?? rumahku kecik, takde tanah lak tuh... kena tunggu beli rumah sebelah lah kot..

saya setuju dengan part tak yah iron.. i loike!