Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hampir Hampir Overloaded

We sent off Bibik Parmi last Sunday for her month long holiday at her kampung. A befitting rest , I should add as the Eid celebration is fast approaching and this is the first time she is back after 3 years with us.

Which, in essence, means that all Bibik duties had been handed over to yours truly and hubby. Yeay!!!!


Sangat seronok rediscovering housework , et al. I used the washing machine again after, oh I don't know, maybe 4 years. (Last time, if i recalled correctly, was when our then Bibik Lidya was having her month and a half break) So, it has been quite a while and I have developed a little rust , if you know what I mean.. ;)

The hands-ons of raising the kids: from getting them up, bathing them, sorting their baju/buku, poo-poo and Shishu duties for Khaleeda, their makan/minum, get them to sleep. Waaahhhh!!! Such a mouthful and imagine the work that entails too.. So far we have been pretty good here. Plus the fact that some of the elements can be outsourced to my mom's bibik Sani when we are in Puchong and my sisters have been of help too. :)

Keeping the house in order - my aim is not to have the house to be ready for the Friday inspections we used to have back in STF. Cukuplah setakat barang-barang are where they are supposed to be. Jangan berselerak sangat, cukup... Sampah-sarap needs to be periodically ikat-ed and put out in the rubbish storage outside the house unit for collection. Imagine Khaleeda's poo-poo terperangkap in the air circulation of condo - very stenchy, literally. Kalau nak mop living room tu tiap-tiap pagi like Parmi does, tak dapek la cik.. Saya nak pergi opis pulak lepas tu..

So far laundry duties has also been under control. Eventhough I have lowered the standards somewhat. Parmi used to iron every iron-able item : boxers and camisoles, included. Seingat I kat STF dulu, iron cuma baju sekolah and baju prep je. Kalau tak jenuh la dok beratur and hang out kat bilik iron tu. Ish ish ish.. Tak sesuaiiii.. So, I have reduced ironing duties to those essential ones ONLY such as baju kerja Azrul. (Maybe you should take this one, dear.. hihihihi)

Makan-makan? Well, so far we have resorted to tapau-ed items, nasi kawah from Restoran Anis Puteri, Chicken Mandy from al-Rawsha, Pizza from Dominoes for Buka and Sahur. I only masak nasi and yesterdayI goreng sausages for Sahur. So, cooking has been very minimal. Which was a great idea since it translates to minimal dish-washing too.. Hubby has been great in this area too.. :)

So, conclusion-nya. I miss my Bibik Parmi. But, we actually can live without her. A little more effort and organizing around the house is needed though since we have outsourced the tasks totally to her. Banyak kerja dia and I do have a greater sense of appreciation of what she has allowed me to have over the past 3 years. The extra sleep, the time off I needed to pulun my reports or some chilling / ME time. For that, I am thankful and can't wait for 11 October to come.

In the mean time, anybody knows where I can get a French maid costume? Bibik takde ni.. Extra privacy in our household. I loike.. :)
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Amy said...

Mop everyday? perghhh! Amy nak mop seminggu sekali pun rasa macam 'Adui, perlu ke?' hehe. Ehem ehem more privacy ye? :)

Along said...

yep, when the bibik is not around, we find out that we can actually live without one. But then again...paying RM400 per month is sooooo worth the hassle of not having to iron clothes. Uhuk, pikir je pun dah nak nangis!!

Linda said...

Baju tu hantar dobi for ironing pun boleh kan...

Anonymous said...

dilla, so true! how much have we been dependin on our maids.

norhaliana said...

kak dilla,
try tgk kat la senza for your france maid custom tu. mcm pernah tgk kat situ...

dillazag said...

Since dia dah start, bior je la.. I am struggling with just keeping the house in order, lagi plak nak mop. Tak dapek den. hihihihi

OMG, yes definitely. I'd part with my Rm450 any day.. :)

dillazag said...

Thought of doing that too.. Takpe lah, Azrul settle part tu - he could outsource it if he wanted too.. ;)

Yeah, I concur.. Fortunately though, I am on leave for a couple of days. :)

dillazag said...

Serous? *berlari-lari anak ke la senza*

deliena said...

french maid costume?? ehem2.. try check out kat :)) baby it

dillazag said... ye???
menarik, menarik.. thanks for the lead, dear..