Friday, September 11, 2009

My Leica

I have noticed that I have not been cam-whoring of late. Main reason? Our Alpha 350 is much too big to be stuffed into my handbag. Hence, missed opportunities on pretty pictures that would have otherwise been posted up on my facebook or this wonderful *ahem* blog. And, I do pity you for having to stare at fuzzy crappy images captured by my trusty mobile. Tapi, apa nak buat.. Takkan nak heret kamera bagak tu merata-rata, kan...

For our 7th year anniversary, hubby got me this:

Well, he got the camera for me. My very own Leica D-LUX 4. Casing tu, I yang tambah sendiri. (Leather casing itu mencekik , ok? But, I just had to.. hihihihihi)

I so love it! Now, it has a permanent place in my handbag. Plus, kalau nak jalan-jalan, can sling it and a trigger-happy tourist is born.

We were just mucking about with it the other night. For a point and shoot person such as yours truly, I was more than thrilled to find various pre-settings in the Scene mode. Here are some of my favourite shots:

Using Scene: Night Potrait with Film mode : Vibrant - I love the way the sky looks and my sisters look extra beautiful here. *hah!*

Using Scene:Food. *Really* Don't they just look extra yummy?

Using Scene : Hi-Speed Burst - High speed burst shooting allows you to capture a crucial moment such as the very best smile. Crucial for capturing the move-a-lot kid named Khaleeda. :) Plus, it is hilarious when you play 'em back frame by frame.

With this in my possession, expect nothing less than high quality picture, everytime. Yee-ha! Thanks babe. You know I heart it loads!

-dillz blogging out-


Anonymous said... pon ade sbijik. memang marveles nala rekek!

macro dia, B&W dia..perghh

tp x ramai tau pasal Leica, diorang zaman bila punya camera neh..T_T

** CikOne :) **

Anonymous said...

oh Leather casing dia memang MENCEKIK.. bleh tukar ngan Coach..tskk


Superfluous_Babe said...

cantek nyeeee!
suker sukeerrr. the leather casing tu memang nice.

dillazag said...

I have to agree. In one word: Perghh!
Tak kisah la orang tak kenai pun tak pe. Actually I like it like that.. Understated, gitu.. hihihihihi
BTW, saya tak menyesal langsung mencekik leher sendiri untuk leather casing itew... hihihihi

Zasya: Lawa kan casing itu.. I just had had had to have it..

kucingorengemok said...

weeeheee, kita tunggu, kalau takde gambar, kita cubit!

Mimy Hamid said...

sangat kelas okeh cammy ni..kak dila bila nk snap pic miss mimiziouslicious ??

F.Idrus said...

I like!!!!! Leica has superb lenses and compact camera (of course ppl not into photography wouldn't know this).

I get you with the DSLR, hahahaha... mmg susah nak bawak kehulu kehilir.

Btw, Happy 7th Anniversary!

toughcookie said...

bestnye... i've always wanted a good camera but malas nak lug around in my bag. they're all so bulky, heavy and i would need to remember to charge them batteries... as if takde cukup gadgets that don't need charging every now and then ;P

but a good camera is like a necessity these days... banyak sangat good shots and opportunities to capture beautiful moments kan... urgghhh... you can't win them all, i guess.

love the camera case la...

~Sasha Farina~ said...

oh best best!! saya pun rasa nak beli P n S sebijik lah..berat nak heret D90 merata rata..

pijah said...

budak kecik tu mmg ada gaya lah!

dillazag said...

KOG: Gambar ada, cuma sekarang ni masa lak takde.. :( Jangan cubit ye..

mimy: Miss Mimizciouslicious sentiasa jadi target cammy papparazzi i.. Awww! :)

Faeiz: Kannn?? Have a happy raya, you.. Tak lama lagi balik Malaysia, kan? *senyum sampai telinga*

dillazag said...

toughcookie: waiting for a solar powered chic camera with a cool looking case too! kalau jumpa, cakap aaa... :)

sasha: hahahahaha.. tau takpe.. A great PnS with High-Speed Burst function that can give you the perfect smile for those scrappie layouts! :)

pijah : sah-sah ikut bapak dia. hahahahaha