Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat

GAMARJOBAT - What does it mean, really? According to Ketch & Hiro-pon, it means everything and nothing.

After reading rave reviews from Afdlin's blog last year, we were very pleased to find out that they have returned to this side of the shore yet again for another round of laughs. We were contemplating very hard whether or not to watch the show seeing that the ticket is priced at some RM60 a pop. As luck would have it, I was at Starbucks one fine day and read a brochure that said:

With a receipt of any amount from Starbucks, get a second ticket to watch Gamarjobat for free.

I called up hubby at once and we bought 2 tickets and got 2 free ones. We invited my two (then-single) sisters to watch it with us.

After seeing the show, I had to agree. It really was very very good. The two mohawk mimes really used the audience and had such great stage presence. It really proves that you don't have to say anything to be funny. They really raised miming to a whole new level. Not your typical black-and-white tuxedo wearing, white faced person being stuck in a box kind of mime.
The whole show actually consists of 2 mini shows. The first part is when they warm the audience up, putting everyone in the mood. I loved the fact that they actually took what was happening around them, in the hall, and incorporated them into the show, might I add, quite effortlessly. For instance, the audience who came in late -- Aaahhhhh .. Bad mistake.... ;) (Note to self: Don't be late if we watch them again next year!)

The second part was a long sketch about The Boxer. There were several characters in the sketch: the boxer, the old coach, the girlfriend, the opponents ; but they were all played by the dynamic duo. I was most impressed by their body movements, especially when they did the slo-mo actions. Every muscle was orchestrated and performed to perfection! Best part is, we got to eat after the show. The grubs were very tasty. Oh yes, they also autographed our posters and I'd also like to point out that we were first in line! ;)

Verdict: Very entertaining and very very funny.

I just couldn't get over the fact that one of them really really looks like Kalai...
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oh yeahhh i loooovvveee them!

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