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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

CNY Outings

What a long weekend and what a nice little holiday we all had. Complete with girls' outing, kids' outing, tahlil and shopping, sleeping, shopping... We started the holidays with a little girls' outing - comprising of ibu, ZZ, me, Ki and little baby Heleyna.

Went to IKEA and the Curve. Can I just say that I love IKEA -- for the stuff that they sell, and even more so for the comfortable and clean surau (plus tahi lalat-free telekung), great canteen (in love with the Dime cake slice) and they even had this little secluded place called Baby Oasis for breastfeeding whilst we sip our free Friends cappucino. They just think of everything... On top of that, they have that free playland for mommies and daddies to dump the kids for a hassle free shopping experience. Did I mention their RM1 humongous currypuff and soft ice-cream? Just heavenly...

Went over to the Curve for dinner and decided on Paddington's House of Pancakes because Ki kempunan. Had our American pancake with ice cream, banana & honeycomb; topped with maple syrup and it was rather nice. But I felt like I needed something Asian for dinner , so we headed for Delima in Kota Damansara to finish off our dinner. Going off without the kids but with baby Heleyna in tow made me realize a few things:
1. I enjoy where I am right now.
2. My kids are at the age where they are pretty easy to handle and we can go out without the maid tagging along.
3. I am not ready to add on to our immediate family at the moment.
4. Maybe in 2008, eh? And 2009?

Next day, we wanted to take the kids out to vent out their energy. So, off we went to Kids Zone in Damas. Kids had loads of fun. Not much of supervision needed coz they were pretty familiar with the whole setup. Eventhough there was just one measly slide in the whole place, they had a few canons to shoot soft balls from which were rather cool. They also had a section where there were loads of National-Science-Museum kinda exhibits with gadgets, air and hovering soft balls.
Had dinner at Mak Anjang's for a special menu - Ikan Patin goreng, masak lemak and masak tempoyak. Courtesy of the 14 ikan patins dad got from Temerloh. Of course, we also had the compulsory tahlil to go along with it. ;) After dinner, Nazz came out with a surprise Secret Recipe cake for ZZ's birthday. Sweet, innit? Dah tua-tua pun ada surprise lagi...

Happy 33rd birthday, ZZ. May you have many many more to come..

-dillz blogging out-


meema said...

jealous jealous jealous please ema jealous!!! all you 4 & a 1/2 ladies went shopping and chilling and coffeeing and boraking without ME!!! uwaaaaaaaaaaa. but soooo sweeet la. hihi. what a fun long weekend for all of u, while i am half way drowning in my own breath(?!) haha whatever that means.

kesimpulannya, best la tengok :) and please laaa kak long muka cam tuewa pleaseee masa cutting the cake~ haiyoma. sweet!!

happy 33rd kak long !!

sayangggg korang. mwahhhsh

dillazag said...

Emms --> hahahahaha... ada lagi benda-benda yang tak masuk dlm post ni, like makan kat pizza uno dengan ki and bazz.. sedapnya....... yumm yumm..
jangan jeles....

kiminusplusra said...

photo credit: kira. thanks. haha yessss muka sebiijiiikk cam kak ewaa

dillazag said...

Ki --> Yess... Photo credits = AWAK. Lupa lak nak letak...

Kalau ZZ = Ewa, and Dilla = ZZ (muka photostat, kata..), THEN, Dilla = Ewa.

Yes.. Aku kurus!!! heh heh heh

aNis said...

---> Happy Belated 33rd Birthday to u KuLong Ziezi..! btw, next time boleh buat party, kite boleh jadi planner, rite k.ngah diLLz??...(",)

kiminusplusra said...

hahahaha nice one kangs

dillazag said...

anis --> awak plan lah.. saya dtg makan.. Amacam?? ;)

Ki --> Kata genius.. heh heh heh

aNis said...

heheheh...boleh kungah, tp next year la pulak, ok! kite kasi suprise betul2...huhuhu...;)