Monday, February 12, 2007

My Sissy's a Missus!

Meet Ewa. Ewa is 23 years old. She is Azlul No 5. She is my sissy. And she is also Missus Eski. No, that was not a typo. She does not miss us and Eski, she is literally Mrs. Eski. They have been bf-gf since 3.3.2002 (I know coz that's her desktop password.. heh heh heh) They got married on 2.2.2007 and flew off to Melbourne on 10.2.2007 to start their Masters programme. Ewa will be doing Masters in Business (specializing in Event Management) and Eski is pursuing Creative Media. And we miss them terribly already. (Yes, Ema, we miss you too.. :)~~ )

The wedding was carried out after only 12 days of planning. I am so glad that it went smoothly, considering that we did not have a lot of time to play with. But, everybody chipped in, doing their bit to make it happen - mom, dad, sissys, brother, ILs, aunties, uncles, cousins, friends, nieces and nephews... Each and everyone had their role to play. The nights prior to the event saw Pondok Azlul filled with relatives helping out with the needful. Some people were following my mom's orders, lifting and moving the furnitures; some were getting the curtains sorted; there was a production line of getting the cupcake container ready - cut the ribbons to 21cm length (my task), stick on the Ewa & Eski sticker (Eski's job -- see, groom also have to do work!) and finally paste the ribbon around the container for the glamour look. (tasked to ZZ, Kira, Ewa, Feizy, Tilong, Tingah...) Some were just sitting on the lazyboy, watching golf/tennis 'overseeing' the whole preparation. (read: my encik ;))
The dias and the room and the makeup was thanks to our cousin Eno and his assistant. He even brought a whole troop of friends over to complete the deco at the entrance of the house. I loved the dias the most coz we had real grapes hanging from it. At the end of the event, people were literally picking it off the pelamin and eating it! Ala-ala kat vineyard, gitu..

The event was supposed to be a small one, in view that it was an engagement party in the evening and the akad nikah at night. No big reception was scheduled. Despite the quota imposed on us, I think it was rather meriah. We even had themes, you know? Evening event - turquoise, bluey, green. Night event - brown (my Raya theme last year) , creme or gold. Even my very very few invitees came in the shades mentioned. (except Lily) 

So, alhamdulillah.. Everything went extremely well and I now have a new brother-in-law. I wish them well, lots of joy, happiness and patience. I have all the confidence in Eski to take good care of Ewa in Melbourne. Remember kids, marriage needs a whole lot of work. Just don't forget to study as well!!!

-dillz blogging out-


halwafy said...

Your new brother-in-law is wonderful to get married and go off to live together in a new country and have grand adventures together...

nadya said...

congrats to ewa n eski..!

best wishes in pursuing your master dan menempuh alam rumahtangga! korang mmg cuteeee sgt 2 org..eheh.

kak dillz,
can you please post more pics of the newlyweds?

Amy said...

Adik mu sungguh cantik and itu eski sungguh tampan dgn lesung pipitnya..
Yer ah..ko ni kalau gambo posto sket2 jek..manyak ah sket!

dillazag said...

Ibah --> Best kan, kawin and then gi overseas -- kira a one and half years honeymoon la tu..

Nad --> Gambar kena cilok from my sis, nanti I post, ok?

Amy --> Diorang tu memang sama-sama kecik aje.. Sekali tengok macam tak cukup umur nak kawin, kan?

zeedayazid said...

23 and oredi married?? wowwwww... tererrr... but good lah, nak pegi buat masters sama2 baiklah kawin kan, drpd buat maksiat? hihi aku ni perasan mcm ustazah plak.

and a wedding in 12 days?? salut lah to ur family! such a cute name - eski(mo) hahahaa

dillazag said...

zied -> Tu la... in fact diorang yang mooted the idea. how very mature...

nama dia mohd eskandarian, nama glamer ESKI. nama secomel orang nya.. wakakakaka

MummyHanis said...

hi there.. i just blog hop from ur frend nora.

Ur dad's name sounds familiar to me. Rupa2 nye Ewa is ur sis!

I satu uni with ewa! :D

dillazag said...

hi mummyhanis,
welcome. thanks for dropping by. datangla selalu-selalu sikit. hihihi:)