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Friday, February 16, 2007

It's a HE, Not a SHE!

People around me have been giving comments that Khaleeq looks a tad like a girl.

The other day we went over to a kid's playgym where they had all the giant slides and soft-ball canons. The playgym assistant had to fix the admission tag around the kids' wrist and called out to Khadra:

"Could you get your sister to come over here.."

Right, OK. "Excuse me, it's a HE, Not a SHE!" I retorted.

During Khaleeq's first day of school, one of the new parents approached me as Khaleeq, in his blue apron, was playing with the playhouse and slides,

"How old is she?"

"It's a HE, Not a SHE!", I replied with a smirk.

So, OK. I geddit. I'll get him a haircut. The hairstyle he has now is basically the courtesy of my mom. She simply got so sick of Khaleeq's fringes poking his eyes, that she just cut them off in a straight line, ala China doll.

So, yes, I shall do something about that. I'll fix him up real nice and won't let his gender be a question ever. Hence, merrily, I took Khaleeq to the Lucky Star barber shop in Lucky Garden for a good old fashion mamak cut. 

The result?
It's a HE, Not a SHE, right? I thought so. :) But he does look a little nakal now, don't you think?

-dillz blogging out-


Amy said...

Well, he's fair and adorable..mmg la ada yg ingat dia pompuan kut. Anyways, I like the new look. Handsome sungguh..and I like the picture of him and Khadra. Nampak macam Dilla and Azrul masa kecik2 hehehe..have a nice long holiday kak! Mowahs!

dillazag said...

Amy --> Holidays nior me to qada' tidur. Dah penat sangat ni babe....

noresh said...

i get that all the time too with zareef masa kat loughborough. i cut his hair at that time coz kalau nak pegi kedai, it'll be so expensive. now with zara pulak, sumer ingat it's a he. yg tu tak bleh nak buat apa la kan. have to wait for her hair to grow la pulak.

dillazag said...

noresh --> Tell me about it.. My niece sorang tu was bald for a while, siap dengan dress ni, orang tanya laki ke perempuan. Boleh tak? That one, you just have to wait it out la babe...

Anonymous said...

haha comell. its chutni right? -ki

dillazag said...

Ki -> Bila nak pandai ni? chutney, okay???

munz said...

i prefer his old hair..but now he looks more like a boy. rambut dulu nampak mcm rascal.