Thursday, February 22, 2007

HP 7

The pre-order is opened for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. At least at mph, it is. The 7th and the final installment of the scarred orphan wizard and his friends' adventures is due to be released in your favourite bookstore on the 21st of July 2007.

I have all 6, from the very first HP & the Philosopher's Stone, all the way to HP & the Half-Blood Prince. Read each one of them from cover to cover. I wept and I laughed. I spent some sleepless nights trying to finish them coz I couldn't bear to let it down. I even told the story to my sisters coz they are just too lazy to read them before going to the movies.

It's the last book, someone IMPORTANT is gonna die...

Go! Go to the nearest bookstore and pre-order them today! I have..

-dillz blogging out-


meema said...

ouh memang tukar nama sempena the final episode ke? harry poRter?


but chop, seriously, really? i really dont know actually. huhu

che' nah said...

deym. you have all 6 too? choy... i could've just borrowed them off you and use the dosh on other books. am seriously contemplating on the lemonysnickets. *nih la dia.. makin tua, makin matured*. haha. apparently, our fren uncle mior reads them books too. it must be a batch thing. kui kui kui...

harry potter the finale -- at long last! lepas baca, kita diskas. teehee. pagi2 must pantun one maaa... to wake them cells up.

p/s: puan halwafy... if you see this... for your information, i am one of your blog readers since quite some time back... hehehe... (and liza nordeen cakap, she bumped into you hari tuh kan?).

dillazag said...

emms --> damn. typo la sissy. wa tukar sat lagi..

che' nah --> i wouldn't have let you borrow them... wakakakakaka.. beli sendiri la... bagi minah j.k rowlings tu lagi kaya kaya kaya....

halwafy said... also a fan of harry potter although resisted at first because it was just too commercialised. Can't wait to read the final one..sini mesti dapat murah kat asda ke..but must wait after a week camtu kot..

My theory is dumbledore is not dead and snape is really, a good guy..what do you think?? I hope so coz I really like Alan Rickman's acting - he takes the oscar (IMO) when it comes to acting cold and indifferent..saw him at Books etc the other day - man is old and tall and has that arrogant look on his face..but I like him anyway :)

Che' nah: Really? You read my blog? Comment la sekali sekala? Ke you're one of the anonymous commentors..tak main la like that :)
Yes..saw Norliza the other, she as beautiful as ever and quite thin. Did you know that marina (chique) just gave birth to a baby girl in Japan?

eh...pjgnya mcm email plak..

dillazag said...

halwafy --> Ni bukan Lord of the Rings la, mati boleh hidup balik.. Dumbledore dah mati.. I wept for him already.. Me thinks either one of the two friends will die (ie Hermione OR Ron), Hermione is with Ron, Snape = Bad guy after all, Harry will win. Everyone happy?

Yeah, try writing her an e-mail, girl.. :)~~ Tapi, on second thoughts tak pe la.. Meriah sikit comments ku.. kuang kuang kuang

halwafy said...

I think somehow that's too obvious and it's not that simple...:)

Anyway, you might wanna read this site while waiting for the book to come out:

dillazag said...

halwafy --> I think the obvious one is the actual plot sbb she wants to double trick the readers.. heh heh heh

Thanks for the link, though.. i'll check it out.. BTW, liza nordeen ada blog kah?

Liza said...

Browse Dilla's blog every once in a while, and on this occassion, I see that my name's come up! Thanks for your over-the-top praises, Halwafy... you were looking very good yourself! :)

No, Dilla, I don't have a blog. Though am putting together a belated journal of a three-week trip we'd done around Europe in May-June, in blog form. You may visit it at Still very sparse cos have a million and one things to do, including this 6-hour mock exam I'm meant to be doing today (but distracted by the internet, as you can see!).

Che Nah, do you have a blog? Halwafy, I've browsed through one or two of your blogs!

As for Harry Potter, I think halfway through the 5th book I got fed up. New, bizarre characters, as usual... but same formula over and over. So am afraid I'm behind on this. Went to Tesco just now... they're selling the new book for £5 if spend £50 or more, but £10 otherwise. Cant believe it's going at a retail price of RM109.90, with a discounted price of RM69.90, back home! Cekik darahlah.... BTW, speculation I heard over the radio the other day was that she was killing off Harry himself!

dillazag said...

Liza --> How are you girl? Sure is a pleasant surprise.. :)
Che nah has a blog but she's blogging anonymously. So, no links here..
Gotta concur on your cekik darah remark .. heh heh heh