Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tabung 50 Sen

My kids just love to go on those coin(B, happy?) operated rides. A plane, a train, a motorbike, a truck, or even a famous character from TV. They are not that choosy. You know, those normal variety you could find on the corridors of any good shopping malls. Their personal favourite, however, are the rides that line up the entrance of the 24hour Drive-In A&W Restaurant in Jalan Timur, Petaling Jaya. Just look at that happy face, how can you deny that?

Benefits of going on these rides?
1. Good quality family time.
2. Happy kids.
3. Equals to happy parents.
4. Plus, I get to eat the Mozza Burger /& Coney Dog with the slurpy large Root Beer Float.

However, we need the 50 Sen coins in order to operate the darn things. Lots and lots and lots of it if you want them to be less cranky when it is time to go home. So, I am officially launching the Tabung 50 Sen in order to reap the said benefits.

If you do see me around, just hand me those 50 Sen coins, will you?

-dillz blogging out-


kaynie said...

K Dilla, beli jelah one of those machines, letak at home. Err ada jual tak anywhere? When i look down at the manufacturer's details, mesti some foreign address

dillazag said...

Kay --> Idea yang bernas, tapi, tak pernah pulak nampak jual di mana-mana. But, those arcade machine are pretty mahal, like RM10K satu , kot..

che' nah said...

*actually* kan... to the best of my knowledge, overseas.. you can actually get them (via auction la tapi), for anything below RM3k. suh la orang kat london itew kutipkan satu and sumbat masuk shipment before she comes back... teehee...

imagine ppl. rm3k. that's like what... 6000 rides. as of now, she has 2 children. so that'll be 3000 rides each. in one sitting, paling kurang, mesti dlm 5 round each kot? effectively giving the azruls... urm... 600 'peaceful' makan-sittings.

nih tak campur lagi the future babies.

to conclude? go buy. haha.

have a good weekend la you (cue finger on nose cam Ilah buat dulu) "saltish" person! ada ke ada niat tak nak kasik orang pinjam buku like dat... ces... :P

dillazag said...

che' nah --> waaah!! really? gotto relay this message to my sissy to be on the look-out then.
600 peaceful seatings... bole gi jumpa you kat secret recipe la cenggitu.. ;)
BTW, dah pre-order ke?