Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dah Kena Buang Sekolah Ke?

My hubby got a call from his batchmate in RMC the other day, who happens to send his daughter to the same playgroup as my kids.

Old friend: "Your son dah kena buang sekolah ke?"
Hubby: "What?"
Old friend: "My wife has not seen him around lately. Dia dah kena buang sekolah ke?"

hah hah hah

(Disclaimer: I don't really know how the actual conversation took place. But I think this pretty much sums it)

We just prolonged their holidays and they have missed two whole days of school after the CNY break. How fast malicious rumour goes around these days...

Imagine if Khaleeq really got kicked out for biting other kids. Sedih nya...

-dillz blogging out-


hazyr said...

wah, pre-school kids pun boleh kena buang sekolah ke? *scratching my head*

But imagine la kalau son would be legendary in years to come kot eh? hehe..

Amy said...

Ces..takkan la 2 hari tak dtg sekolah dah bleh assume Khaleeq kena buang sekolah? Budak se cute Khaleeq lak tuh? Aunty Amy tak benarkan!! Heheheh

dillazag said...

hazyr --> We are known to break all sorts of infamous records.. heh heh heh Runs in the family, kot.. wakakakakaka

amy --> Tu la pasal... Adakah patut assumption sebigitu rupa?? But of course, Khaleeq did bite their daughter too.. heh heh heh
Azrul pernah tanya , "Is Khaleeq suspended?" , cikgu dia jawab, "No.. He's too cute to be suspended.."
Hah! Tau , takpe... ;)