Thursday, February 11, 2010

Replying a Tag on My Spouse

Tagged by Teratak Hami. Dah lama tak layan tag macam teruja lak nak buat. Thanks for tagging, Aja. :)

B, baca nih.. I hope I get the story right. hihihihihi

1. Where did you first meet your hubby/other half and when was it?
PPP/ITM, Section 18 - it was the first day I joined the Calculus I class by Mr Aziz Samson. It was circa August 1996.

2. Was it love at first sight?
Definitely not lah kot.
He was the one dok terhegeh-hegeh kat I.


3. Who was he/she when you met him/her for the very first time?
He was my classmate in the Calculus I class. (which I totally owned, by the way! A-Levels Maths dah dapat A, boleh la berlagak.. )

4. How long did it take him/her to ask you out on a date?
We started going out socially as kawan-kawan during Calculus II. And we finally became an item on the 28th of April 1997. So to the best of my estimation, around 6 monthslah.

5. The venue of your first date?
Most probably Jusco Bukit Raja. The agenda was always the same: movie and makan. Share kueyteow kat foodcourt, lagi. (BTW, I taught him how to use the chopstick, tau)
If that wasn't it, then it must have been Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam. No movies in Shah Alam, so makan and borak-borak only.

6. How did he/she proposed?
I think he never did. We sorta just know that that would be the next step for us.
The moment for me was when he called to tell me that he already told Mek (his mom) about wanting to marry me. :) Time stood still and I could literally feel my heart dropped to the floor. What went through my head was, "Gosh! This is it!"

7. Recollect a Special Date with your hubby/other half.
Ada ke yang seriously out of the ordinary? Hmm.. tak termasuk dalam ingatan lah pulak. Our dates usually revolved around movies and eateries.

I do remember going to Taman Tasik Shah Alam a couple of times. hahahahahahaha.. Oh, oh , oh.. There were a few times when we went to the Mines , naik water taxi bagai. Then, there were trips to Sunway Lagoon. Best!!! I do remember Ema, Ewa and Kira following as chaperones though. (Adik, awak ingat tak gambar awak pusing-pusing pokok kelapa kat Taman Tasik Shah Alam tu? Lawak siut! hihihihihi)

Zaman dah tua (ye ke tua?) I really appreciate the time we spend together without the kids. A late night movie, an occasional dinner, retail therapy (ini penting), hanging out at PappaRich for supper and the likes. We even go travelling sometimes, just the two of us. :)

8. Any changes that he/she asked you to make?
Hmm.. lemme think.

I don't recall him giving specific instructions to change, but after we were an item, I think I am a little more mellow, a little more calm and a lot less in-the-face. If you knew me from my SSP, STF and A-Level days, I am a much changed person. Very much less of a Ketua Pengawas, so in a better way, I hope. :)

9. What is it about him/her that you love so much?
His thoughtfulness. Never the romantic, but he would make an effort to write mushy letters and cards for me while we were courting because I am very much a person of words. He even made cards for me, like literally cutting out papers to make a shape of a heart, etc. Serious. So sweet, kan? It does help that he is so darn creative. (Hey, how come I don't get any more cards now?)

His sense of humour. Memang pelawak. Not like Raja Lawak type of lawak, but still very funny indeed. He is the funniest and wittiest person I know. (Cheh, bodek) His ability to turn a serious and tensed situation into something that we can laugh about shortens our crises period.

His generosity. I really think he would give his right arm to provide for his family. He has such a generous soul that he gives and gives and gives. Sometimes I forget to show my appreciations , yang, but do know that we are so grateful for what you have provided for us. *Ish.. Sedih la pullok*

His protective nature. Don't try to mess with his loved ones if you do not want to see the wrath of Azrul. You have been warned!For that I feel safe and protected. I know that no one could hurt us coz they've got Azrul to answer to. Jaga-jaga.. Kitorang ada bouncer, tau! :)

10. What would you like to change about him/her?
Nothing. (Jawapan politically correct)
I do believe that a marriage is a union that accepts one as they are, so nothing to changelah in that sense. Tapi, maybe if he could worry less and complain less, that'd be great! hahahahaha. My husband is such a pessimist. So, I guess he needs me to balance it all out. :)

11. You will lose your mind and crack your head when he/she.....
Boleh jawab nanti tak? Tak terpikir lah.

12. You will smile through your eyes the whole day when he/she..
writes me stupid/mushy/idiotic things over the BBM.

Seriously, I think this BlackBerry is really making us closer than we really are. It bridges the communication gap coz you are just a line away from asking the other person what ever is bothering you.

13.Complete this sentence, "My love towards my hubby/other half is as big as.."
Apa, ya? Whatever it may be, we would never be larger than Anna Swan & Martin Van Buren Bates who were crowned the Largest Married Couple in the World!

Info and pic found here


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ZaTiL said...

me tersenyum all the way reading ur entry... cards, paper cutting... mcm familiar hehehe...

nanti i karang2 dulu, berjaya tak nak menjwb ur tag nie ;)

dillazag said...

zaman bercinta.. semua nya sanggup, you.. :)

Amy said...

Amy dah buat ah last month. So I can escape this eh? Jgn serik tag saya sbb saya mmg suka buat tag hahah.

dillazag said...

ok. dilepaskan :)

Along said...

wallawei..kena tag la plak. Tapi takpe, ada aktiviti balik melaka ni nanti..hehehe.

dillazag said...

Homework ni... Homework!!!

ms ngantuk said...

kay slacking on updating department? mana ada??!!!

actually kan ms dulu2 awak mula berchenta, ada org told me en A mmg syok habis dgn u tp dia takut u reject dia; siap terpikir dialog2 nk say to u(ke ni kwn2 dia yg suggest)! masa tu kan..i yg excited skali nk tau u setuju ke tak nk dating2 dgn dia!! sbb i rasa u sgt cool n baik, n he's like that too! so suka when u guys got together sampai beranak pinak. so in the spirit of V day (yg i x sambut pun..), i wish u everlasting happiness. amin :)

err tag tu nanti rajin i buat eh!

dillazag said...

ok lah kay, i move you to the kepochi to know group then.. hihihi

so sweet la.. takut kena reject.. hahahahahaha! :) and thanks so much for the well wishes.. :)

berbunga-bunga hatiku baca comment ini.. hihihihihihihi

Amy said...

Kay, aku dah tag ko mende yg sama gak last month. So dah dua org ni tag mende yg sama, looks like you have to do it. Hehhe.

k-lynn said...

Pergi kompleks PKNS mesti makan Deliqueen.. kan? kan? Well, that what i used to do.

Wah entry ini membawa kenangan di section 17. (walaupun saya tak bercinta masa tu) Kak dilla dgn En. A ("A" used to stand for something else then) selalu lepak kat meja yang bulat kat tgh² tu kan.. what block was that.. D.. E.. of whatever.

dillazag said...

betul tu.. kay, sila buat!!!

ye la deliqueen.. saya dah tulis kat post pasal kompleks pkns tu.. mesti ada si syed, kak june, kay, k-lynn.. kalau ada member's card sure kita dah dapat dah!

kira said...

AWHHH SO SWEEETTT!!! :))) so sweeettttt!!! rindu gila koranggg

dillazag said...

rindu jugak kat awak adik oi!!!!!!

KS said...

aaawwwww... sweetnyaaa berchentaaa kekeke...

ok ok tag akan dijawab bila masa sesuai (read: tidak bz + mood jiwang mari haha)

tapi malu ah dong! suruh sk ajalah jawab ni.. :P

dillazag said...

Cepat-cepat sikit datang mood jiwang itew!!!