Friday, February 19, 2010

No Plastic Bag Every Saturday

Did you know that the state of Selangor has implemented 'No Plastic Day' on every Saturday ? What it means is that if you go shopping in the state of Selangor on any given Saturday, you will not be handed plastic bag(s) to carry your goods. If any plastic bag is needed, then you might be charged a minimal sum for it. So bagus, right? My response to that is, "About freaking time!" :)

For me, personally, I have been lugging my very own reusable bags since like a year ago. I have evolved from the bulky , fold-unfriendly green bags (and the blue cooler bags) from Village Grocer, as evident below:

To the eco-friendly, easy to fold and chuck into your handbag RuMe bags ( got it from Tiny Tapir, of course. :) ) I got two Medium bags in the Fall in NY 5th Ave and Spring in NY 5th Ave designs.

Picture from : here

Jangan marah ya dong! Jessica Alba spotted using the exact same design that I have - Fall in NY 5th Avenue. Sungguh precious! :) Hahahahaha ( Dasar perempuan kiasu. Tak nak kalah! Asyik nak pakai beg celebrity pakai aje. )

The plus point for me is that they are easily rolled to be chucked into my handbag. Three RuME bags can be rolled together too. So it gets me prepared for groceries shopping at any time at all. I normally use one bag for the wet stuff - chicken, sausages, vitagen, etc and the other for the dry stuff. To complement the two, I also have a indigo-coloured fabric netting bag to chuck all the other groceries in. So far they have been adequate and have served me well. Of courselah, when you buy pampers or boxes of tissues or big bottles of Softlan, no need to use the baglah! Just carry it loose. Kalau tak berapa banyak beg nak guna???

As taken from the RuMe website, by incorporating RuMe Bags into our everyday lives, we can do our part in reducing the estimated:
  • 17 billion gallons of oil used annually to produce plastic bags
  • 100 billion plastic bags Americans throw away after a single use
  • And save more than a million birds and 100,000 marine mammals and sea turtles that die every year from eating or getting entangled in plastic
Wah! We can help the environment so very much by just bringing our own bags to do groceries. It doesn't matter if it RuMe or Jawi. (Lame joke, haha) As long as you STOP using the plastic bag for shopping.

Masih tak teruja?
Go on. You know you want to already. Stop using that plastic bag already. Bring.Your.Own reusable bags. It's trendy and it helps the Earth!

If you feel like you'd like to increase the stylo factor, then please meet the "Mother of all Eco-friendly Shopping Bag" as dubbed by the Manilla Fashion Observer - Longchamps Le Pliage shopping tote.
Pictures from : here , here and here.

The medium size with Long Handle retails at RM530, y'all. Adoiiiiai!

Sekarang baru teruja, kan?

-dillz blogging out-


atreyu strange said...

But at the Petronas Mesra, they still give plastic bag lah. Mula2 ingatkan staff tu x ingat. Tp the following week pegi pun same. Hmm..

dillazag said...

atreyu strange,
Sound je diorang ni. Kat The Curve, I see the buntings everywhere.Not just the grocery stores, tau!
And also on Sundays. hihihihihi

rinaabdullah said...

alternative to that expensive La Pliage is really cheap here in UK.. sold around 15pounds.. for that Large size.. same colorful and long handle, short handles.. hehehe..

dillazag said...

hello there dear. :)
kat UK pn dah macam-macam ada...
hihihihihi :)

~ayoi~ said...

La Pliage from Longchamp.. apasal la aku rasa mcm deja vu nih.. hihi

dillazag said...

Entah la si Inche Azrul lagi sorang tu dapat hint ke tak...

ZaTiL said...

hahaha kasik hint kat Inche Azrul ka??

i pun guna green bags. precious gak tu, bwk balik dr US. dah biaser guna masa kat sana ( itu pun kitaorg angkut jugak hehehe...

kalau i angkut le pliage isi groceries, confirm my Encik Azrul takmo belikan henbags dahh...

Anonymous said...

kak dils

la pliage 'inspired' bag ade kat FOS.. less than rm50 seketol. hehehe...