Tuesday, February 09, 2010

My New Toy Is A BB

Waited for it for a while now. I think the waiting game began since December 2009. So I was really overjoyed when this baby was waiting for me at home last Friday. :)

Inche Azrul charged it up and did the initial setting up and such. Nothing fancy; just my email, BlackBerry Messaging (BBM), twitter and facebook applications. Then, I was good to go. :)

Aduiiii.. Berhantulah BB ini...
  • BBM
I was hooked to BBM instantly. It's basically instant massaging gone amok, if I may say so myself. Of course you need to have people to talk to first,lah. And for that you'd need to get your friend / contact's BB Pin. This is a special ID unique to each BB, ala-ala MAC addressla gitu.. I don't know what the BBetiquette is, really, but I was broadcasting my BB PIN like nobody's business. If you are my friend on facebook or my follower on twitter, you would know. :) Don't see the harm in it coz you could easily Decline a contact's request. Say if you TER-add them, you could Ignore them later anyways. So, in a way, it was safer than broadcasting your mobile number, kan? :)

The BBM application itself is superb coz you get the response instantly. Plus, you can even conference chat! Most my family members are already BB owners - Inche Azrul, Ewa, Ema, Illa, Nazz. So, we had a whale of a time conferencing last weekend. (Ziezi, go get onelah! Loser betul!) To top it all off, it's FREE too. I just hooked up with a long lost A-level friend living in Nigeria via BBM just last weekend. It really does make it feel like she's just next beside you, you know. (Hi Hadjara Dikko! *waves*) I really think this is the application that will eventually lead to BB's invasion of the world. *okay, exeggerating a little. but so necessary for the drama, kan?* Unless iPhone has a reply to BBM, world invasion is almost certain! Just look at how they are accepting BB in Indonesia. There's even a term coined - "BB Autis" - for the way the locals are behaving when they are actually meeting their friends for coffee. Everybody is busy drinking coffee and layaning their own BB. Hello? Tak de orang bercakap sesama sendiri ke? *serious*

Also, I had a little competition going on with Inche Azrul. He has 79 contacts in his BB to date. My target is to surpass that number (in an undisclosed timeframe). This morning, I already have 44. hihihihihi.. Be afraid, Inche Azrul, be very afraid...
  • Uber Twitter

Tweeting has never been simpler with Uber Twitter. Senang nak Reply and Retweet. Plus, I am able to upload a picture conveniently taken by the BlackBerry phone onto TweetPhoto to accompany my tweets. Sungguh jaki dengan orang yang able to do that on the move before. Previously, my E71 kena email the photo to a dedicated addresslah apalah - which I was too lazy to figure out. In the end I just do it on my lappy - top when it was already obsolete. Now I can tweet with photo too. :)

  • Facebook application for BB
Yeay! Enough said! :)

The other thing that I learnt really quickly was : When in doubt, just press the BB key. :)
(Picture from here)

This key is the keeper of all things wonderful - if you :
  • Were at the BB Home, you'll be able to access all the controls and applications on your BB - Messages, SMS and MMS, Browser, Contacts, Clock, Calendar, Media, etc etc
  • Were at the call log, you'd be able to Call / SMS / MMS the contact and set any special "treatment" to the contact (Speed Dial, Ring Tone), etc etc
  • Were writing a message on the BBM, say, you'd be able to Select, Copy, Paste, Check Spelling, Add Smiley etc
  • Were at Uber Twitter, it would allow you to send New Tweet, Refresh, View, Reply , etc etc.
  • Were on Facebook for Blackberry, it would allow you to Share, Refresh, View your Profile, View news Feed, View Status Updates, etc etc
So, use it often that BlackBerry key. It will serve you well!

Terima Kasih, Inche Azrul. :) I love it loads.

Now I just need a COACH phone lanyard to distinguish between His and Hers.
hihihihihihi *sempat lagi tu..*

-dillz blogging out-


kenwooi said...

till today i dont even own a smartphone.. =)


dillazag said...

gotta get one lah kenwooi! :)

Amy said...

Den tak mampu ah kak nak pakai BB. Malam ni nak minta phone baru dgn En Zul sbb dia ada dpt bonus, tapi beli phone biasa je. I like your last sentence tu hihi.

dillazag said...

Selagi boleh ku selitkan jugak.
*harap-harap dia baca*

ZaTiL said...

biler i nak tukar pakai BB nie? i tak suka my E71. lagi best pakai dopod dulu.

i want a BB too!!!

*to my en. azrul, tlg ler baca komen nie... ;)

dillazag said...


Ya encik Ayoi, sila baca.. dah penat dah bini hang hint ni!!!
(Zatil, nak suruh aku tag nama dia ke? hihihihihihi)