Thursday, February 25, 2010

Khaleeq's First PTM for 2010

PTM(Parents- Teachers Meeting) for Beaconhouse Bangsar is here again!!!! Waiting in line had the butterflies in my tummy run amok! It's always the case when it's time to have a face-to-face discussion with Khaleeq's teachers. hihihihihihihi (Read about the last PTM we had here.

First up was Cikgu Kamariah - the Bahasa Melayu teacher. She was really happy with Khaleeq's progress, citing that he has the right attitude towards learning and he concentrated better in class. His writing has improved so much so that she does not need to shadow them anymore. (i.e. Cikgu writes in the exercise book in a coloured pencil and Khaleeq writes over them with his pencil) Of course it could be very much better and neater and nicer. So, that takes a little more practice. She even related that Khaleeq knows some of the Jawi alphabets - I guess the Iqra' classes we have on the sides are really paying off. It also helps that the Iqra' method is similar to the Bacaan for Bahasa. But we still need to work more and practice more; both in reading AND writing. Hopefully, the mingling that he does at the mengaji classes would also help with his Bahasa. If he needs it, probably, I would have to consider sending him for Bahasa tuition come June. Just to make sure he is ready for Primary school. In any case, Yeay! I am happy!! Sangat happy! Phew! Lega satu perkara!

Next was his class teacher, Teacher Amy. Let it be known that Teacher Amy was Khadra's class teacher last year. So, she could really compare the two. Also, Teacher Amy ni is the strict type - disciplined, no nonsense kind of person. On the other hand, we have Khaleeq. Tulis pun tak berapa nak betul lagi, baca pun merangkak-rangkak. So, you'd understand my anxiety, lah. hihihihi

It turned out that she was REALLY happy with his progress too. She kept on saying that we should not compare between the two kids, each child develops differently. Khaleeq is more expressive, a charmer and he wears his heart on his sleeve. He'd go to a person and ask for a hug. He's that type. Whenever he is called up to the teacher to read, he would be standing close to her. Slowly, without even realizing it, he ended up reading while sitting on Teacher Amy's lap. hihihihihihihi.. Loving, gitu..

In a nutshell, she was happy with Khaleeq's attitude and approach for work. He had grown so much from last year. She related a story to me. One day, in Irises 2 class.
Khaleeq: "Excuse me, teacher"
Teacher Amy: "Yes, Khaleeq"
Khaleeq: "Do we have homework today?"
Teacher Amy: "No Khaleeq. No homework today. But thank you for asking"
hihihihihi. So sweetlah anak aku, mintak homework, please..

She said that his work has improved tremendously. He could write without shadows. Can copy from the board, can colour his pictures, but he takes his time a little. So sometimes he does not finish his work in class. Which is OK. With practice, he would be able to write and colour faster. She acknowledged the work we have done with him over the holidays and even now at home. She said for Khaleeq to improve more, we need to work together. Spend time with him at home and she will help when he's in school. (Note that , Ibu)

And the sweetest of all, get this: She volunteered to have a one-on-one session with him 2 times a week to let him catch up with the rest of the class. She said it would be a challenge for her, but she would love to help Khaleeq improve. She said he has the right attitude and that's why she's ever willing to help. Awwwwww!! So sweetlah teacher Amy. I really really heart her! Insya allah Khaleeq akan berjaya!


-dillz blogging out-


the principal said...

i offered the same thing - xtra class FOC for 1 child...Her mom said no & pulled her children from my school although the younger child showed good progress. Katanya i didnt do my job well. Here's a mom who never assisted her children in homework, reading or even checked her children's bag - i guess its easier to put the blame on others esp teachers

i wish all parents like you - appreciate teachers' efforts

Anonymous said...

i guess this really makes up for the one liner for khaleeq hari tu ek...

yeay khaleeq.

dillazag said...

K Emy,
I guess it's always hard to hear that your child is not progressing well in school. Probably, that's how the mom took it, kot? :(

Personally, I want to know where he stands so that I could make the extra effort to help him out. That's just me lah.

Dapat satu entry bebelan khas untuk dia. ;)