Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Apa lah nak jadi. Sebenarnya malas nak pikir , tapi exam dah habis, so kena pikir jugak-jugak.

Perkara-perkara yang menyerabutkan kepala si Dilla Zaghlol:
  1. Bila si Khadra ni stop menangis , menjerit , melarikan diri dari kawasan sekolah setiap pagi? Yes, this morning, she attempted to run away from school after her dad. It's not enough that she was wailing at home while getting ready for school. Once we got her into the car and to school, she would be bawling her eyes out at school pulak. Yes, I have asked her what the problem was. She tried answering that she was "bullied". But, I thought the Bully B incident was already settled? Oh, it's another person, she said. Turned out to be a small girl sitting next to her who spoke to her "angrily". Khadra dear, that's NOT bullying. It's just how she speaks. If you don't like it, then tell her off and you don't really have to like everyone , you know.... Deal with it, please.. I also found out that she was afraid that she did not finish one of her homework (on one of the days). Once that was done, we managed to get her to school. But that didn't stop her from shedding a tear or two on Monday. I spoke to her about it, she said it's just dust in her eye. It seems like she uses one and any excuses to get out of going to school. What is the real matter? She is just fine the night before.. Once she gets to school, it's a different story all over again. Seriously, we still have no clue what this is about yet. And I don't know what to think anymore. Tak suka cikgu ke? Tak suka sekolah ke? Ke nak kena tukar sekolah? Kenapa? Kenapa? Kenapa tak nak pergi sekolah?? It's driving me crazy. I need to get to the bottom of this. Susahnya ada anak ni, wei!!!
  2. As part of our logistic plans this year, my kids and Ziezi's kids have been car-pooling back from school with the help of Pakcik. I am grateful for the arrangement as it frees up our lunch and there is absolutely no need for us to run around picking up the kids from various schools back home. As part of the arrangement, her two kids would be in transit in my house on schooldays in preparation for Sekolah Agama in the evening. It's a window of about 1 hour that they get changed and eat lunch. Yes, it is a well known fact that when the 4 of these cousins get together, one who takes care of them may go somewhat crazy. I don't know how to explain it, it's like they feed off each other's energy and go incontrollably annoying and sangat degil. I can't handle them for long either. So, Bibik Parmi decided to tell Ziezi yesterday that she does not want to mengurusin Naqib and Nelysa anymore. Which ultimately screws up my beautiful logistic arrangements during lunch. Banyak songel ke Bibik aku ni? She gets some upah to do it too, bukannya for free. Granted la, she's been feeling under the weather lately, which might have fuelled the angin tu. So, whatever it is, we need to sort that one out , somehow. Presto! Arrghhh!! Stress!! Pening!! Serabutss!
I refuse to think at the moment. Kalau ada idea, sharelah ya? In the mean time, saya nak pergi Gardens. Nak shopping baju for Java Jazz Festival 2010. Later!!

-dillz blogging out-


all jazzed up said...

First of all, BENCI tau awak nak pi JJF. Secondly, Yunus my 5-year old pun ada problem tak nak go to kindy and came up with excuses like sakit perut, teacher garang, etc. Sebab dia nak stay at home main PS. His teacher then appointed him as "head of the class" and he was so proud of it and wants to go every day. Sebenarnya "head of the class" tu adalah post boneka untuk mereka yang tak moh gi school. Hahahah! But pandai la kan the teacher!

dillazag said...

hahahahahahahahaha for the post boneka.
Brilliant, though.

Jangan jaki, kak.. Tahun depan nak pergi ke? Boleh setting-setting and I can recycle my outfits. ;)

*gelak evil sambil bersiap-siap nak pergi Gardens!*


Amy said...

Masalah no satu macam tak tahu nak bagi idea apa. Masalah no dua tu prolly u can slow talk with Bibik, find the reason and slowly pujuk dia to accomodate the arrangement? Owh,enjoy shopping dan saya juga jeleZ.

Anonymous said...

sangat setuju dengan ayat terakhir di masalah 1.

maybe sebab fitrah seorang emak untuk terlebih pikir tu yg sampai jadi serabut kot..


apa2 pon, happy shopping kak dilla! sila tunjuk baju yg mau dipakai itu ya! hehee


che' nah said...

The first comment above kinda make sense. Probably, she's used to being noticed and made to feel that she mattered in her kindy... so bila masuk public school, where semua budak pandai2 sendiri lah... where teachers talk to the class as a whole (c.f. at individual level), so maybe dia rasa agak lost. Mmmm...

Onto bibik parmi lak... probably you need to ugut sket budak2 tu... and do this in front of bibik (after telling her the plan). Diorang tgh mode jakun tuh... sbb they get to be with each other everyday (yeay!). I suspect, after another 2-3 weeks, they'll pretty much settle down. So 'ugut' them, cakap, "if ibu gets way too many laporans that you lot misbehave... Naqib & Nelysa will no longer be able to balik sekali after school" (and follow this up with the occasional spot checks too!). Bibik Parmi is just in need of some emotional support. Pandai2 la pujuk dia (mostly by listening actually -- biasa la perempuan... hehe), because otherwise, you're dead woman, and you'll have one whole set of new problems to solve!

Gutlak! :)

Along said...

Hmm...prob #1, sorry but don't have any ideas as of yet.

For prob #2, hmm..yep, I think kena slow talk la with your bibik. Lagipun sejam je kan. But it would be better if you and your friend also sit down with the kids and explain the situation. Sometimes we think kids won't understand because they're still small, when in fact, if we take the time to actaully talk to them, they can listen and follow what we say. Give it a try. Hope you have much luck.

Diana said...

Kak Dilla!!!! My son sebijik sebijan problem sama with Khadra!!!!! Tapi he's getting better now. What with takut homework buat tak cantik and all, and the ada budak ejek. Dah la budak yg dia cakap buli dia tuh kecik jer, my son is tallest in his class. Tah pape ler, x macho langsung hahaha. My kesimpulan is environment sek keb and the kindy is so different so dia mcm lost. I agree with what che nah said. It will pass just hang in there :)

dillazag said...

Amy, tu la ... Rasa macam kena slow talk la dgn makcik tu.. Eeeee malasnyaaaa...lama lagi nak pegi pun dik oi.. Nanti dah dekat baru la jeles. Hihihi

KS, kan? Redah je lah..
BTW, nanti saya ambik gambar ya. Tungguuuu!!!

dillazag said...

Che nah,
I think you got it spot on lah babe. I hope that is the case then I cld just reassure her. Gonna be such torturous times for the Ibu then. Tadi siap baring atas jalan (dalam school). Glamer mak bapak sat. Hahahahaha

On the second item; Ya. Ya. Akanku kawtau. Bdk2 ni memang nak kena, tau!

dillazag said...

My friend is my kakak la. Hihihi... Saya tak marah bibik sbb sy tahu it is overwhelming. So, we do nd to talk to her and the kids too; if we wanna keep this arrangement.

Yay! Ada geng! Hihihihihi
Good to know I am not alone in this, dear. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Khadra will pass that phase soon... transition can be traumatizing for kids(and parents especially!) as we all know.

Don't worry, just think abt the jazz festival and your new outfit for now. Leave the rest to later la kot? Hehe.

dillazag said...

I loike how you think. Hihihi