Friday, April 17, 2009

Lil E's coming to town!

** Last Update @8:00am 20th April 2009

The whole troop went visiting Lil E last Saturday to be formally introduced. He was peacefully sleeping, oblivious of the hoo-ha that was going around him. A true trait of the Zaghlol clan, maklumlah, Kami ni bising...

Kids were so happy to see Eusoff and we brought him that little tiger to accompany him. We also had some ice-cream before going home.

Both Mrs E and Lil E has been discharged yesterday, so, come over to Pondok Azlul if you wanna visit.

Muah muah, kiddo. Mak Ngah will see you soon.. :*

** Update @12:30am 18th April 2009

Venue: Room D301, Pantai Medical Centre
Mrs E was looking very hyper when I saw her just now. She was yakking and yakking and yakking away just like any ordinary Friday night. So chirpy and happy and well! Didn't look one bit like she had just delivered a 3.3kg baby boy just 3 hours ago. hihihihihihi Must have been the lack of pain reliever and all that adrenaline from the labour. Hmmmm.. Maybe it is a good idea to go au naturel the next time I have a baby, eh? (*Simpan idea ini dalam kocek untuk delivery yang ke-4*)

Those are the latest pictures of Lil E in my possession. He was just wheeled in from the nursery and everyone was snapping their cameras/phones just as the aide left. Glamour, you.. Ala-ala Suri Cruise, gitu... hihihihihihi As soon as the faze fizzled a little bit, I picked him up for our first self-potrait together.
Eeh.. Ada pulak Munz kat situ.. (Jangan marah, Shik..) Don't you just LOVE the smell of newborns? It makes you wanna have one yourself... *I think it must be the SebaMed*
Mak Ngah and Ayah Ngah had to leave soon after though, dearest Eusoff. We'll bring your batallion of cousins to see you tomorrow, okay? We love you, baby boy... Sleep well... Sampai ketemu esok, ya.. *Must remember to make a video tomorrow, nak lawan Kira*
**Update @6:30pm 17th April 2009
He's finally here... At 5:23pm (MST), weighing in at 3.3kg.

Presenting baby Eusoff bin Mohd Eskandarian Mirza. And that's my strong not-so-little-anymore sister who didn't have an ounce of pain reliever in her to bring baby Eusoff into this world! So proud of you Mama Ewa... You are stronger than most of us!!! hihihihihi..

Good job, hunny. The biggest congratulations to Mr and Mrs E on their bundle of joy, Lil E.

Check out Kira's blog for a video of the little munchkin. BTW, don't you think he looks a little like Khaleeda when she was born? --->
I am going to visit Mrs E after I am done with work. Will be meeting up the hubster there.
Will only bring the troops tomorrow morning to say hello to their newest cousin.. Word has it that this little one has ONE dimple. I just can't wait!!

**Updated @2pm 17th April 2009

Snuck into the delivery suite to peep and see how Mrs E is doing. As evident in the picture below the allowed persons (i.e. Mother, husband and mother-in-law) were present to give Mrs E the support that she needs. Mr E was holding her hands throughout her contractions that came very frequently. I felt rather helpless not being able to do much whilst watching her enduring the pain. She is so strong, she is refusing any types of pain relief even when I left her just now.

Not in the picture though, as she is not supposed to be there, was Kira who also acted as the media person. She was busy taking pictures and setting up the web-cam for Ema who is sleeping over with Shikin (The S- of SLIMRED) and other SLIMRED-ers in Malaysia. She'll be my contact person as and when lil E pops out. So, back in the office for now.

Remember to breathe, dearest sister. You are doing so well.. In... and Out.... In.... and Out... It wouldn't be too long now..

(Laa ila ha illa anta, Subha naka inni kuntu minazzolimin.. Ya Allah, permudahkanlah labour adinda kami, Azlul Wadzihah..)

**Original post @ 9.00am, 17th April 2008

Meet Mr E and Mrs E.

This is Lil E last December.

Mrs E broke her waterbag early this morning. She has been taken to Pantai Medical Centre by Mr E, mommy dearest and Kira. We are anticipating Lil E's entrance into the world. Best of luck, sis. Our prayers are with you and we'll be rooting for you.. I know SLIMRED-ers will be doing the same too. *Kalau dapat, I'll even try to sneak into the delivery suite*

-dillz blogging out-


kiminusplusra said...

hahah here is mr e and me reporting from the delivery suite in pantai medical centre; everything is alrght just waiting for lil e to pop out into the world.
awok te keje la wehh popalehh sempat lagi ye te update blog te! bet plestitt

dillazag said...

jap jap.. tunggu kemenculan ku sebentar lagi..

awok te.. bet plestitt.. menteq je koi sampai jap lagi..


Azrul said...

menteq! hahahahahaha.

.ems gems. said...


Lawokkk awok me tee!!!!! koi tak daya wehhh popalehhhh bed plestittt!!!

kn im loving this entry so very freaking much, gonna tag it in my blog boyeh?

more updates please!! i feel very much closer to the "scene". hehe thank you blogger gtalk macbook ym twitter. i loikkeeeee.

Lana said...

congrats!! comel lah dia

dillazag said...

menteq you dah tau kan?

Sila sila sila.. Akan kuupdate lagi supaya mung rasa dekatt dihati..

I really think he looks like one of the clan.. So chubby.. Pipi like Pau! hihihihihi

munzie said...

oh myy... i love our pic!!!! im so proud of bestie. tak jerit smue... i dun think im as strong as her... can't wait to watch the lil one grow.

datuk azizah said...

dilla,ibu suggest that ewa and eski open up a tuition class for parents to be to learn how to breathe innnn breathe out....and sometimes heh heh heh keep the labour process under control.the sakit mesti ada lah..keknya it becomes bearable sampaikan our jagoh ewa tak perlu even a drop of painkiller ...mind u,she's fantastic lo!i'm so proud of her for determination and patience ibu pun kalah wey!she's a recordbreaker in the family lah, so far.Besides the couple juga rajin baca alqur'an dan tak tinggal solat.I pray Eusoff dan cousin2nya menjadi ahli2 tahfiz alqur'an disamping menjadi ahli2 professinal yang terbilang.Aaamiiin ya rabbal aalaamiiiin...

shikin abd talib said...

Eeh.. Ada pulak Munz kat situ.. (Jangan marah, Shik..) --> amboi amboi amboi.. ini boleh mendatangkan marah ni!!!

Nway, thank kak ngah for the comprehensive updates. mcm baca berita tergempar di CNN rasenya..

Tak lupa juga adik kira, yg sudi menjadi reporter, melayan akak2 nye di London.. setting webcam n all. i hope org2 di sana felt our presence.

eh pjg plak, mcm menang award. sori syok sendiri.. hihi

datuk azizah said...

Hi Ems and the SLIMREDs as future wives and mums please take note of my earlier comments.Ikutilah teladan Ewa and Eski.Insyaallah berjaya.But as for now for those still studying,give priority to your studies first so that u wont regret.Opportunity to study only come once in a lifetime.AND DONT FORGET SOLAT AND DOA ,OK BYE.LOVE U ALL!

dillazag said...

munzie --> me proud of her too.. best kan kita dapat ambik gambar dengan lil e? *jeling jeling kat shik* hihihihihihi

mom --> nasib baik you tak suruh dia in-hale.... ek-hale.... in-hale.... ek-hale..... macam kat spa kat swiss garden tu.. hiihihi.. mau ada yang makan pelempang ...

dillazag said...

shik ---> takpe, takpe.. buat macam rumah sendiri.. panjang lagi, pun takpe.. :)

mom (again) --> yes, yes.. suruh diorang belajar... hihihihihi

ms ngantuk said...

alahai pipi!
bestnya surrounded by cute babies n kids..congrats to the whole family

D.N.A.S said...

I love this entry!!!!
Congrats to you and family. Makin meriahlah nampaknya.
Good luck to the new parents. Kiss baby puas-puas, bila dia dah besar, batang hidung pun susah nak nampak.

dillazag said...

ms mengantuk --> Doesn't it make you want to get another, babe? hahahahaha

D.N.A.S.--> Thanks, dearest.. When is your little one due? Just watch what you say now.. My mom has started to comment on my blog.. hahahahahaha

MimY HaMiD said...

welcome a world baby...cuties

.ems gems. said...

koi gegham betui ngan si deyda teeee. omey angat ye tee popalehh wehhhhh koid tak dayeee! hihihih. before anyone, SHE will get my first cubitan and gigitan heheh.

dillazag said...

mimy --> cute, kan? dia semakin hari, semakin montelsss...

ems --> hahahahahahaha
can't wait till you get back. sure lebam si khaleeda tu! ;)

e W a Z a g h L o L said...

Thank u kak ngah... saya baru baca entry ni!!!! SO SWEEEEEEEET!!! Special Thanks to Kira too! And of coz my one & only ibu terchenta...n not to forget,suamiku Eskandarian :) Waduhh sakit gak eh beranak :P Hihi i cannot laa lawan Meema nye pahang style... hihi asyik gelak je saya baca comments :P

dillazag said...

Ews--> Waduh sakit jugak? MEMANG la sakit dik oooiii.. hihihihihi..
Take good care during your pantang,jangan ngelat.. Need to look good for the convo, babeh! ;)