Thursday, April 09, 2009

Famous Famiglia

Two of our family members can be found making news and in the news last month - Sorrylah, lambat update. Cerita almost basi. hihihihi But, not too basi actually coz a former office-mate asked me about this particular newspaper clipping yesterday during breakfast.

My 5th sister Ewa's claim to fame - Erti bahagia buat Salimah Utusan Malaysia Mega page 25 on one of the days sometime last month; or you can read it from the online newspaper link above. They got her name and age wrong, but it was definitely my very pregnant little sister there, looking all glowy and radiant.. :)
What gave her away was her (almost right) full-name. Azlul Wadzihah Zaghlol. Hmm.. tell me the truth. How many of you knows another Zaghlol who has a 20-something year old daughter? (I think there is 30-something year old Zaghlol running around doing his errands somewhere in KL, but I doubt he has a 20-something year old daughter) My dad's name kinda linked me to her. That's how my ex-office mate made the connection. *Duhh!*

This second story appeared in Golf Malaysia March 2009 edition (page 22). The boy in the orange t-shirt, blue pants and creme cap is none other than Master Kaliff Akhyar Wafi Nazrin - my very own nephew. He's Kalilah's first born and the story was about how he had gathered 80 autographs on his shirt and cap from players in the Maybank Malaysian Open 2009. He even got autographs from Danny Chia and Anthony Kim. On top of that, he has also collected gloves, 20 balls and caps. Pretty impressive, eh? Last I heard, they were gonna frame these prized possessions for him.

Sekian, Berita Nasional Basi Jam 6.

-dillz blogging out-


e W a Z a g h L o L said...

ecece yeap... that's me! hihi thanks kak ngah, rajin awak post :P

dillazag said...

lama giller baru post.
mau dah 2 minggu, kot..
sorry babe.. slow and steady, maa..

Azlul Kalilah said...

yup,yup... thats our kaliff! thx babes.. hes still mesmerized n enjoying each of them. got them all framed and flaunted proudly in his own room!

dillazag said...


The sheer determination to get it all in the first place.. hihihihi..
Macam maknya jugalah.. ;)

Dah,dah pergi sambung belajar tu..