Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Went to the Mahsuri play last night with these lovely ladies - Mom, ZZ, Mak Anjang, Mak Teh, TiLong Anis and Urfiah. Nazz also came with ZZ. It was kind of our Mother's Day outing sambil-sambil appreciating the local arts and culture.  

The casts were pretty well-known with Vanida Imran taking the lead as the title role. Her Wan Darus was this guy from a reality TV program, Arja Lee - he has such a heavenly voice... My favourites were Shabera Shaik as the evil villain Mahura and how can you not just love Azizah Mahzan (of SpaQ!) as the busy-body Andartu. But, most of all, our friend, Adriana Mohd Badri was part of the chorus as the orang kampung called Intan. (She even has a name!) You won't miss her coz she has a big yellow flower on her hair all the time! hihihihihihihihi.. Great job, Rina.. So proud of you!!!!!

Bumped into many familiar faces, popular and not-so-popular. Will be uploading the pose we had with the casts (even got autographs - jangan jeles..) and our rubbing shoulders with the local celebs when I am done ciloking it from those with proper camera. (Sheesh, I really need a compact camera soon) 

Whilst waiting, do feast on the papparazzi picture of the tubby Mr. Ghazari Amri Sanusi with Puan Laila. Man, have not seen him since ADP. hihihihihi...  

-dillz blogging out-


D.N.A.S said...

Adriana yang rambut kerinting tu ke? Did you notice some of the Orang Kampung adalah awek-awek Melayu yang berambut blonde? Hehehehehe.... they should've dyed their hair black first lah before staging the show.... Tak sesuai.

dillazag said...

DNAS - Tak sure whether she had curly hair or not. She was one of the chorus girls yang jadi member baik Mahsuri. She was at her house masa kawin and in the prison masa nak deliver the baby too.
Maybe the orang kampungs dyed their hair d.i.y style kot.. Beli kat kedai runcit. Hihihihihihi