Friday, April 24, 2009

Mari Cakap Bera

I love my Dad and his huge family. All my life, I have lived with their presence around me - Encik has 2 younger sisters, and 6 younger brothers. When he was young, much much younger, he lived in a flood resettlement program in Kampung Bohor Baru , daerah Bera, Pahang Darul Makmur. Just to put our kampung into perspective, if we were to go back to the kampung in this modern times, it would take about 45 minutes drive in the car along the one-lane biway from the town of Temerloh , Pahang. 

After successfully becoming an engineer in Lembaga Letrik Negara, at that time, and getting married to a hot-looking babe (my Ibu, that is) some of his siblings would come and live with him (and us) in Kuala Lumpur - not all at one time, lah! It was kind of a transit place for them before they moved on with their lives, getting a good job or getting married. On top of that, when we were younger, we used to make a trip back to our kampung nearly every week. 

In a way, we have been exposed to the dialect that Bera people would have from very early on. It's not a very pronounced dialect, in fact it is kinda low-key and not one that everybody is aware of. Unlike the famous Kelantanese, Johorian or even the 'Ganu kite dialect.   

My prowess on the Bera dialect, unfortunately, is very limited. Infact, we often use the phrases that we one time and time again, even when it has no relevance what so ever to the scenario. Some of the words that I know include;
Koi = I
Bed Plestitt = Plastic Bag
Popalleh! = Expression of Awe. (like Amboi! or Wow!)
Menteq = really fast / quick
Awok te = You ni... 

Anyways, I have a senior dorm-mate back in Sekolah Tun Fatimah who actually lived around 20 minutes from our kampung (she lives in Triang). She has written a post (2 posts , actually) on the Bera dialect which has left me in stiches. 

Please refer here for your first Lesson from the Master and here for the Second installment. 

This post is specially dedicated to my hubby and ma bitches - learn a thing or two, sisters... ;)

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.ems gems. said...


wok me dahdahlah bertebengg kat poolside te!!

adik wok me skighoh te bukan main chengengenggg ngattt. koi tak daya wehh, popalehhh!!

dillazag said...

ems -- koi dah kabo dah wei... Stemett la sikit... Awok te.. Bar-beyyy sangat...
Kena update list ni.. Hihihi

.ems gems. said...

kabo kat pik tam toksoh togokkk ngatt bawok keter teee. koi letih nengoknye wehhhh~~

hohohoho im pretty good innittt :p

datuk azizah said...

koi rase nok gi kesungey keknye.....

e W a Z a g h L o L said...


dillazag said...

ems -- i read it to pak itam semalam, dia kirim salam. hihihihihi

mom -- hahahahaha.. koi nak pegi ga.. keknya tak sempat weh....

ews -- amacam ada brani tak? cuba lah try..

D.N.A.S said...

thanks for the link.
I'm going back to Bera this weekend and will try to take note on a few more interesting words.
Itu baru words from Kampung Kerayong, kalau pegi buat research kat belah-belah Batu Papan, Bohor, Bukit Serdang, Chenor, Kampung Awah, kena buat encyclopedia 18 jilid gamoknye.

dillazag said...

DNAS--> hahahahaha.. You crack me up la sista!..
Sila carik lagi word / phrase yang seswai utk Lesson nombor 3, ya.. :)