Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pening-Pening Lalat

I was finally catching the fever that was sweeping our household. First was Khadra and Bibik, Later came Khaleeda and Khaleeq. Yesterday, I was feeling slightly woozy, body was shaking and trembling and I swear I could feel that my temperature was rising.. The timing could not have been worse since I am on an assignment that is nearing its deadline. So much more to be done and we only have the remaining of this week to finish it all up. So, getting an MC for the next day was out of the question. I kept at it till 8:30pm last night until I could not concentrate any longer. Went home, made me a cheese toast and gobbled up some paracetamols and Vitamin C. Changed into my PJs, wore my hoody and socks. Picked Khaleeda up and went to bed at 9:30pm.

This morning, I took my time getting ready but obligingly I trotted off to work. Had my nasi lemak and gobbled up yet 2 more paracetamols and a Vitamin C pill. Feeling slightly better. Alhamdulillah.. Feeling good enough to go out to McDonalds for lunch and have my RM5.95 meal. hihihihi..

Insya Allah.. Will keep on thinking positive and hopefully I'll be better in no time at all..

-dillz blogging out-


MimY HaMiD said...

get well soon sis...sunyi GIA ..hehe

dillazag said...

Kitorg ada kat tingkat 18 ni...

Amy said...

Get well soon *mowahhs*

Lana said...

oh no! that bloody viral. makan ubat and get well soon, hun!

wanshana said...

Get well soon, Dilla.

Maybe you can ask the doctor to post-date the MC for AFTER you're done with the assignment? Hehehe!That way, even if you're feeling better, at least you'll have some time off to just wind down :)

dillazag said...

Thanks dear. Walaupun ikut hati nak aje melepek kat rumah. Kugagahkan jugak utk berjuang demi untuk kompeni, bangsa dan negara.. Yeahhh!!!!

Thanks babe. I am diligently taking my paracetemols and overdosing on Vit C. Sekarang ni tekak dah pahit. Macam good sign, kan? hihihihi

dillazag said...

Kak Shana,
What a great idea. Could a certain Dr. hubby yang meng-kais tu be able to do it for me? hihihihihi