Sunday, April 12, 2009

Counting Cash

I have always wondered why were some of my favourite bloggers , for example chicsinred, ayoi, Noresh, Hanis Zalikha, jebon, DNAS, MarlizaRadzi, TYI and Seri Langkat , displaying the "i serve nuffnang ads" badge such as the one you see here.

I have gathered for a while that there must be some benefits to it as I have upon several incidences come across postings that mention nuffnang in one way or another such as:

TYI outlining the other sweet pleasures that come out of blogging apart from;
"- earning easy money from Nuffnang
(alhamdulillah, I manage to cash out RMXXX every month and
earned RMX,XXX from writing advertorials this month!),

MarlizaRadzi also mentioned that she will be cashing out in this particular paragraph:
"Dear strangers and friends, yes you, the one who’s reading this pathetic entry of mine, I thank you from the bottom of my exhausted heart. It’s because of you I can finally cash out some moolah from my Nuffnang account! I love you all for that. Thanks for making today a better day. I’m going to cash out those humble RM and buy me something nice to mend my heart, not that it is possible. Sigh."

Tips number 11 from Hanis Zalikha's 14 Tips Menjadi Blogger Masyhur/Terkenal Seperti Saya
"11. Pendapatan(wang,duit,ringgit) dari blog.
Untuk menjana pendapatan dari blog, sila daftarkan diri dengan Nuffnang di, dan jikalau trafik anda memberangsangkan, anda sudah boleh mula diberi advertorial iaitu membuat product reviews dan dijemput ke produk launch etc!"

So, I have finally jumped onto the nuffnang bandwagon about 2 weeks back. There are many cool stuff that I have become strangely obsessed to.

For example, there's the Analytics function that breaks down your blog view on per hourly basis. You could also opt for the week or the month view. There's also a breakdown according to the visitors' geolocation, keywords used and referrals to your blog. So, I now know that I have at least more than 3 readers out there and they are just being silent and not wanting to comment. That's all.. hihihihihi

The image on the left is the screen shot of my Earnings in my first week. First off, I never thought blogging could ever earn me any money, so it was quite a sweet surprise. It's not that I am earning hundreds of RM just yet.. But still, my immediate response was, "Awwwhhh.. So sweet la nuffnang.."Sapa la nak bagi I RM2.25 free-free, ye tak? hihihihihi I am also happy to report that my income has grown from RM2.25 to RM4.25. hihihihihi.. Best, kan? Who would have thought? Maybe, in the not to distant future, I would be earning RMXXX monthly and RMX,XXX for writing advertorials just like TYI.

Semoga rezeki akan bertambah, dan berlipat-lipat ganda lagi, Insya Allah.. Now, I need to count down another RM45.75 before I could finally cash out. Jangan la malu-malu click adverts tu.. hihihihihi.

-dillz blogging out-


Azrul said...

cepat la kaya :)

dillazag said...

boleh guna bayar installation keta mini cooper s i nanti...

Anonymous said...

Hai Kak dilla
U maybe tak ingat I or dont even know me..he..he tapi I selalu baca your blog just that I love ur new scheme colour compared with previous one


dillazag said...

Hey Intan ,

Thanks for stopping by and finally leaving a comment.. :)

That layout is by accident actually.. Tertekan and I had to tweak and live with it. Nasib baik my adik baik hati tolong me with the background. Baru nampak siap sikit... :)

Good to know I have a reader from Sarawak. Selalu-selalu lah datang, boleh tolong I earn much much more from nuffnang.. hihihihihi

Yan said...

woohoo! menariksnyaa...semoga bertambah2 le rezki you..amiiiiin! ;) tingin jugak ah! ahaks..berkurun agaknya nak tunggu my first $1..kikikiki..

dillazag said...


I have increased my earnings to RM7.75. hihhihihihihi
Seronok giller, tahap obsessed dah ni...
Good luck to you too, dear sis. Nanti, kita boleh shopping at the end of the year! ;)

Marliza Radzi said...

hehehe :D

I punya tak banyak sangat macam Ninie. ofkosla trafik dia lagi dasyat. tapi alhamdulillah lah than nothing, kan?