Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What I did on Toos-day

Sangat seronok bersuka ria di Pin Junction, Cineleisure yesterday. Yeah!Gambar dengan bola bowling and menunjukkan nombor tiga tu, bukan sebab tak tahu nak tunjuk simbol peace, tapi menggayakan 3 Strikes yang telah diperolehi dengan bola ajaib tersebut! hihihihi I didn't win the best kegler (Male or Female) nor did I win the Top Three Teams (Best, dapat cookies from Famous Amous yang dibeli oleh Adeeb dan diribenkan oleh Linda and your truly) But, if you look at the final scoring, I was the third ranking among the Female keglers. :) *Bangga, thank you, bola ajaib*

We were mingling and networking whilst also saying our Good-byes to some of our collegues that were leaving the division.  It doesn't mean that we were happy to see them go. Far from it, actually. This time around, we were letting Kak Zura, Kak Ween, Ida, Kak Ros and Yoges go. Not that they were leaving the company or anything like that. Just to a new division, but I am sure we will be meeting again, in personal as well as professional avenues. (Tu yang takut tu, nak audit Otai Audit... Ada brani, ka? hihihihihi) 

For me, personally, I would definitely feel the void that is left by Kak Ween, Kak Zura and Ida. They have been more than just colleagues, they are people that I classify as friends. It is a known fact that the turnover in this division is pretty high. On average, people would leave after a period of 2 years. But, Kak Ween and Kak Zura were among the leaders in our division, our very own General Managers. Wah!!! Akan terasalah kehilangan pedoman, mentor, kakak dan kawan yang sangat excellent!!!  Ida has been a friend eversince I first joined the company. We were in the same Management Trainee intake. So, she was one of the familiar faces that greeted me when I first joined the division. Always a good friend, I know that I will miss her and her quiet confidence. Orang lama Audit, she really knows her stuff very well. Jangan nak kencing la hal-hal Marketing and TSSB ni.. Babe, you know where to find us to update any interesting patches.. hihihihihi.. And, there's always breakfast , doll!!! 

-dillz blogging out-


MimY HaMiD said...

i lg mentor tu bowling was corner...hahaha ..dgn jeritan batin kak ween & kak dila ..arghhhhhhhhh

dillazag said...

Jeritan STRIKE tu, jangan main - main... Hihihihi

Adeeb (yang tak ber-blog tapi nak menyibuk) said...

Psycho giler korang main. Sampai boleh dengar kat office atas tu jeritan-jeritan batin korang. Tergolek, terduduk, terbaring, 'ter'silat*s*, sumer ader!

dillazag said...

Jeritan*s* penuh*s* semangat*s*, uols... Hihihihihi
Thanks for organizing such a fantabulous event. Jangan*s* serik*s*, ya*s*?

Amy said...

Bila kita nak berbowling laks?:P

dillazag said...

even better.. we should make an all girls trip to Bandung ka, Jakarta ka... Shopping and spa.. Such bliss... Ada brani ka?