Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A'ah, Annoying.. Annoying!!

Kisah Benar.

It was about 3pm on a Monday afternoon when hubster and me went to sign some documents at the lawyer's office. We both hadn't had our lunch yet but decided that we should get this over and done with first. We were already waiting in the discussion room for about 5 minutes when a young lady entered with a stack of papers and a file. She rattled on and on at the speed of light in a high-pitched voice which was kinda trying at my patience. (Need I remind you that I haven't had my lunch just yet)

She asked if we have brought all the documents she has asked for. Loan statement? Loan documents with the lawyer? Cukai Tanah? Cukai Pintu? This, that and the other.
OK. We have the loan statement.
"Loan document tu apa?" , he asked.
"Loan document should reside with the purchaser. The duplicate, that is. The original will be with the bank. It would take longer if I ask from the bank. That's why I asked it from you. OK. Nevermind, I can ask from the bank. Tapi, lambatlah." she replied, complete with her rolling eyes *maybe I hallucinated this* and not to forget the fast-paced, high-pitched annoying voice.
Ruffles of paper. Ruffle.Ruffle.Ruffle.
OK. Next.
"Cukai tanah tu apa? Cukai pintu tu apa?", she asked.
"Cukai tanah tu, cukai tanah lah. Cukai pintu tu, cukai pintu lah.", came the reply. And I believe that the tone was also increasing.
Boleh jawab macam tu? That's it, man.
"You ni, annoying lah." said he.
The lady looked up. Stuttered a little. "Huh? A.. a.. annoying?"
"A'ah, Annoying.. Annoying!!" bersungguh-sungguh si perempuan mengiakan suaminya..
Siap kena lecture satu das.. Baru dia tone down sikit.. Angin satu badan... Eeeee... Marahnya!!!
OK, side track kejap. Mari belajar Bahasa Inggeris. From

an·noy (ə-noi') tr.v. an·noyed, an·noy·ing, an·noys
To cause slight irritation to (another) by troublesome, often repeated acts.
Archaic To harass or disturb by repeated attacks.
These verbs mean to disturb or trouble a person, evoking moderate anger.

Right. At that point in time, the young lady has successfully irritated me slightly by her troublesome and repeated acts. The case in hand refers to her pitchy, fast-paced, mumbling yaks. To top it off she was also condescending and disrespectful. Equals to PLAIN ANNOYING. And, boleh tak jawab elok-elok sikit? Aku bukannya kerja buat loan document; menghadap cukai tanah, cukai pintu tah hapa-hapa ni, tiap-tiap hari..

The degree of IRK-ness can be further explored by the synonyms of annoy, also from as follows:

Annoy refers to mild disturbance caused by an act that tries one's patience: The sound of the printer annoyed me.
Irritate is somewhat stronger: I was irritated by their constant interruptions.
Bother implies imposition: In the end, his complaining just bothered the supervisor.
Irk connotes a wearisome quality: The city council's inactivity irked the community.
Vex applies to an act capable of arousing anger or perplexity: Hecklers in the crowd vexed the speaker.
Provoke implies strong and often deliberate incitement to anger: His behavior provoked me to reprimand the whole team.
Aggravate is a less formal equivalent: "Threats only served to aggravate people in such cases" (William Makepeace Thackeray).
Peeve, also somewhat informal, suggests a querulous, resentful response to a mild disturbance: Your flippant answers peeved me.
To rile is to upset and to stir up: It riled me to have to listen to such lies.

So, in retrospect, I think I should have said,

"No, Not Annoying.. Actually, Irritating. "

Mintak maaf, ya dik.. We didn't mean to be mean but you needed that lesson in life. If it didn't come from us, it may have come from somebody else. We did feel bad about it after. But, after a thorough discussion with hubster on our way to lunch.... You kinda deserved it, lah. Live and let live, yeah?

Here's to better customer service!

-dillz blogging out-


Anonymous said...

Hahah I can imagine! Kadang2 macam buat benda tak ikhlas, like kita menyusahkan dia... like hello? Kalau kau rasa susah, jangan kerja iniiiiii! :D

Ish, tiba2 I lak emo, hahaha!

dillazag said...

faiez --> Yezza... Macammana nak menjadikan ia perkhidmatan yang cekap. Ye tak?
Angin akak, angin...

ANEEZ ALI said...

elok sound je org perangai yg mcm hampeh kelapa tu....kite mmg slalu sound org2 mcm tu....mcm diaorg tu bgs sangat....last week kite br meletup ngan mamat kedai kamera yg explain psl kamera mcm dia sorang je jual kamera lm dunia ni....kite sound dia ngan tokey2 dia skali...kite cakap kat tokey tu " u tak payah la ambik mamat ni keje ngan u, nanti ramai customer lari.."

dillazag said...

Cik Aneez...
(Lawa rambut!)
Tu la.. Memang sokong.. Tapi kesian gak tengok muka dia terkulat-kulat.. Tak pernah tau dia annoying, agaknya..

Lana said...

hahaha.. hi dilla, it's me, kak hanie, aiz's ex-classmate.

dillazag said...

Kak Hanie... Hey there stranger... Lama tak dengar cerita... Kinda odd to see you call me by Dilla. *Don't you dare say that J- word!!*

(eh, Ni Kak Hanie Fauzie, kan?)

wanshana said...


I memang sungguh tak tahan dengan manusia macam ni - manusia yang fikir dialah yang paling terrer dan yang paling bagus kat dunia ni, and kita ni semua goblok tahap tertinggi and menyusahkan hidup dia.

Cuba bagi dia buat macam tu kat I - memang she'll regret being born into this world once I'm done with her. And I won't feel bad about it at all ;)

IBU said...

Aiyerrr... I pun naik geram reading this, Dilla... (kita ni satu sekolah penuh dgn perempuan2 yg cannot be tested the tahap kesabaran...LOL!!!!)

If I were in your seat then, it would have been a longer sermon for that lady, longer than one word definitely. Sah x gheti layanan mesra bebudak ni. Cisss...

I was so lucky to have my papers (for the 1st house) perused by Kak Yus and later by Kak Shana - both of whom were Srikandi, masa tu mula-mula they all jadi loyar. 10 years later which was 4 years ago, for the current house, by then the bank's panel of lawyers la pulak yg sebok terkejar2 kita sbb dah zaman property market becoming gloomy, not as flowering as before. So every single customer counts I suppose. I would have the thought it is the same today - sbb tu terasa macam nak bagi sermon kat that annoying lady tuh!


sabor jer lah!

dillazag said...

Kak Shana, Kak Ieja --> Sabar.. Sabar.. Puan-puan, kita perlu lakukan yang terbaik untuk parti kita.. hihihihi

Berjela jugak dia kena dengan hubby I. Rasanya, lepas kitorang balik, sure minah tu pergi toilet meraung punya.. Kesian la pulok... I just hope she learns her lesson..

Lana said...

haha.. betul, saya Hanie Fauzi

IBU said...

Ibu setuju u all bagi dia satu das.Kalau ibu sepuluh das aku lanyak dia.bikin malu saya punya lawyer fraternity aje.Boleh tak bagi nama dan firm dia aku minta mafia aku ajar dia cukup2