Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Zoobies in (and out of) the house

Boleh tak saya share this awesome product dengan korang?
Was ist das? (Banyak sangat baca The Book Thief ni, dah speaking German la pullok)

(pictures of product and logo from : here)

I first learnt about the product from toughcookie's blog sometime back - she was writing about lil JJ's new Hada the Hippo. I thought, Wah, so cool.. A 3-in-1 plush toy, pillow AND blanket? She bought it from Tiny Tapir, an online store that sells many other trendy and sustainable cool stuff. To know more about them Zoobies - read the writeup from Tiny Tapir's blog (this was posted on Sept8,2008 and the price has now increased somewhat)

So, anyways, imagine my delight when they opened up a kiosk at Bangsar Village's Christmas promotion. I was zapping up them Zoobies (and some other products) like nobody's business. hihihi.. Ini adalah kes Mak yang over excited.

Hasil tangkapan kami:

The two kids got themselves a Zoobie pet each - typical Khadra going for the pink hippo (nasib baik bukan one that goes Oink!) and Khaleeq went for the cute and adorable (yet still macho) Lencho the Lion. I chose a Baby Zoobie for Khaleeda , Baby Tama the Tortoise. The Baby Zoobies are a little smaller in size and they open up to a much smaller blanket. Really suitable for newborns as the big blankies might suffocate them. They also have a little comfort triangle corner that could double up as a comforting blankie.

We bring them to our trips - in the car and on the plane. I remember lugging the three animals onto our flight balik kampung accompanied by stare(s) from hubby. Lepas dia tengok bebudak tu snuggle and comfy in the plane barulah the nasty stare(s) disappeared. hihihihihi.. Them Zoobies proved to be useful on our long drive up/down to/from Penang as well as during sleeptime at night! See, semua ternganga tidur - So syiok maaa!! I think it would also be great for movie outings.

Anyhoots, just to say that we are happy with our purchases. :) Sharing is caring, right?

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Spena said...

Err...Zoobie utk adults takde ke? ;-) I want 1 too!!

dillazag said...

Kak Spena,
For your height.. Ala-ala macam tak cukup la sista!!!! hihihihihi.. Rasanya, the blankie is 5 feet long aje. Tutup kaki, bolehla.. :)

Kekadang I pun cilok Zoobies diorang ni. So comfy - manyampah! :)~~

Plus who can resist their special edition Zoobies - meruntun jiwa Maknya..

toughcookie said...

ohhh so cute your photos! hehe...

fyi, i could use the zoobie's blanket since it is 5' in length... and i am exactly 5' haha... over betul. maybe i should get one for myself too kan ;P

happy holiday, in advance yah!

dillazag said...

i pun pakai the blankie. hihihihi.. so damn comfy!
you know what they say, there's always room for more. the more the merrier right?

have a good holiday to you too, dear!

floweRinthedesert said...

ye lah perfect for movie outings. Tak payah la I angkut ke movie bag besar2 just to sumbat blankets for them. :)

issit easy to pasang balik?

dillazag said...

It attaches with those zipper thingys. Just like the ones they have for hoodies and jackets and stuff.Very the easy one... :)

best thing is, the kids would be carrying them for themselves coz it's so cute. :)