Sunday, November 26, 2006

Open House Oh Open House

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The first Syawal weekend made me feel rather unpopular due to the very small number of invites we received to Open Houses. My sister, ZZ, on the other hand, had 7 invites to attend and we only had one. Sad? Close to pathetic, actually…

"It’s okay la..After all, people are still fasting, what.. There’s probably some next week..", I consoled myself.

True enough(nasib baik , rather),the invites started rolling in the week after. We had invites on weekdays and weekends. :) (terasa glamer la pulak) My dad always told me to go to people’s functions if you want them to come to yours. So, we always try our darnest to fulfill these invites. Tu yang sampai sesat la.. Datang on the WRONG DAY la.. We even went to one house TWICE, sebab salah hari! Boleh tak? Talk about commitment, man.. Unfortunately, we had to pass on some invites due to time constraints.. It was waaay easier when there were no excess baggages (read: 2 cranky kids). Managing the kids after a long day was just not a pretty sight. Simply not possible, man.. So, I’d also like to take this opportunity to apologize to the hosts we didn’t manage to visit. We truly tried, but we just couldn’t make it.


Due to storage limitations, I could only post the pics I snapped at Lily’s place. That’s me and Khaleeq, Lily and Kash, and Khadra at the koi pond.

Thank you Datin-boss, Lily, Rita, Inalim, Boye, Azalene, Sujack, Aunty Sally, Illa, Abg Suhaimi, Reza, Hasanah , Abang Amran and Mira for the invitation. Don’t forget to invite us again next year, okay?

-dillz blogging out-

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