Saturday, November 25, 2006

My Heart, Your Heart…

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You guys ever heard of YouTube? Well, this amazing creation has managed to bring to you Khadra - L.I.V.E.Click there –> Khadra’s My Heart

My sissy, Kira ‘youtube’d this little clipping of Khadra’s rendition of My Heart over one noisy family time in Pondok Azlul a few weeks back. You can actually hear we were clapping to one of the kid’s performances in the background. (I think it was Naqib’s) The little kids are always ‘performing’ there. They take turns singing, dancing or doing a little magic act. They’d go up the makeshift ’stage’ (read: staircase, table or any raised platform), do their little thingy-magit and curtsy/bow to the audience. So sweet, eh?

It’s not a surprise that they are doing this now. I remember back in the Gullimard years, the three of us (ZZ, me and Illa) would also do the same thing on the raised platform in our garage. (Author’s note: Gullimard is now known as Persiaran Ledang. That’s where we stayed until I was around 6 years old) I can remember quite vividly we also recorded "Rindu Bayangan" through my mom’s mini recorder -

"… berputar-putar membelitkan kata-kata, hanya linangan ayer mata yang menitis.."

Ha ha ha… Now you know why she’s such a drama queen. I was one too!

-dillz blogging out-

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