Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mat Bon

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I just love him. What’s his name again? Oh yes — Daniel Craig, right?


When the trailer first came out I went, "OMG. Who’s that guy?" He was a nobody, at least in my books. My hubby said maybe it’s a strategic decision to cast him as the new Bond. Strategic ke bende nya? Then, after a little reflection I could see where they were coming from. I mean, aren’t you just a little tired of the "Look at me. I’m all that, suave, good looking, lompat-pun-jatuh-macam-gymnast" kinda secret agent? For one, I think I am. What is this surfing-in-the-sky and landing-in-a-helicopter-about-to-crash and pulling-it-up-in-time-to-land-on-a-boat business?Sungguh tak logik sekali! In short, the audience is no longer stupid. They have to come up with a different formula to capture the audience. Revamp Bond. And after seeing the movie last night, I AM CAPTURED! :)

"Casino Royale" shows us how Bond was promoted to the Double-O status. Basically, just forget the old Bond that you know of and give this one a clean slate. This brand new Bond was brutal, rough, mysterious and didn’t really give a rat’s arse about things. When requesting a martini from the bartender, he was asked,"Shaken or stirred?" His reply was a very cool "Do I look like I give a damn?" heh heh heh. There’s no Q with a string of gadgety inventions. The only one I noticed was the very cool telemedicine link up with MI6 HQ with the defib when he had the heart attack. Really loved his dry and cool sense of humour — especially so at the torture scene. (another heh heh heh) No worries though, he is still very much asgatal as before. They had to leave something from his old movies, right? The whole set up is very much up-to-date, really, with a string of Sony adverts– the Sony digital camera, Vaio laptop, Sony E handphones.

My verdict is — Go watch it on the silver screen! You’ll find that he’s the sort of guy that grows on you. Just be prepared to sit through the 3 hour long movie. It really felt like I was watching 2 movies back-to-back. heh heh heh. Can’t wait for the next Bond movie, though. ;)

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