Monday, November 13, 2006

Belated Selamat Hari Raya Post - Take 2

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Both my parents, my brother Boy and sister, Kira were away for umrah during Ramadhan and only returned to Malaysia on the 4th of Raya. That went quite well with our plans to beraya in Kelantan first. :)

Have you ever noticed that the yearly question ; "Beraya kat mana tahun ni?" — actually means where will you physically be on the morning of the First of Syawal. So important is the morning of First Raya — nothing beats the Mohon Maaf session and the theDuit Raya session that comes together with it.

After their return, we decided to recreate the feel of First of Raya and so, the Nazrins, the Azruls, the Wafis and the singletons gathered in Pondok Azlul one Sunday evening all dressed up with Duit Raya packages in their pockets.


The only thing missing was the Takbir Raya — I normally look forward to the Takbir Raya in Pondok Azlul .. We would normally have a session on the night before together with the Khatam Al-Quran (Normally, dad would have at least completed one round of Al-Quran during Ramadhan, sometimes 2 or 3). At this event, the small kids (cousins, nephews and nieces) would be practically fighting over the shortest surahs and it is sort of a showcase on how well they have progressed in Quran reading.The next morning , there’ll be another Takbir Raya session, before going off to the mosque for Sunat prayers. The final one would be after prayers when dad would start off and then ask his sons-in-laws to take over. That would be when butterflies will flutter away in my hubby’s tummy. ha ha ha - I miss those days!!!

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