Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Khaleeq Is A Big Boy

*from my other blog at Dilla Speaks Out

Very happy to note that Khaleeq has successfully weaned off my b**bies for the past 9 days! No more +=+=< for Khaleeq! Yeay!!!!


Khaleeq turned two on the 30th of July 2006, so, that makes him 2 years and 3 months when I started to wean him off. I breastfed him exclusively for 11 months ( –> stopped breastfeeding Khadra when she was 7mths coz I was pregnant with Khaleeq) After which I introduced the formula milk and kept on breastfeeding him when I am with him and especially during sleepy-time. It’s not that he is getting much milk from me. Sometimes, after a nursing session with me, he’ll happily go off and get a drink of water from his tumbler. :)~~ I guess it’s more about snuggling close and having exclusive WE time with me, eh? 2 years and 3 months… I mean, cukup cukup la tu, kan?

2 good friends told me about their method to wean off their kids involving blood-red lipstick, biji sawi and a whole lot of acting. Hey, it worked for them! ;) I decided that I’ll take the straight forward route - I’ll tell Khaleeq straight out. I’ll tell him that:

1. He is a big boy now

2. Big boys don’t drink from mommy’s +=+=<

3. If he succeeds , we’ll get his him a blue bike, complete with training wheels..

I have to say that it wasn’t easy, though. The first night was filled with clawing and shrieking and yelling and crying and biting and hair-pulling, but I kept at it. "No more +=t=k for Khaleeq, coz he is a BIG boy now, right?" More clawing and shrieking and yelling and crying and biting and hair-pulling. I just kept on patting his butt to put him to sleep. He’d keep on crying, while placing his hand around me, hugging me as he tries to go to sleep. I’d just keep on patting him and telling him what a good boy he is, what a big boy he has become… His cries gets slower, softer.. until he finally falls asleep, his hands still firmly placed over my shoulder. Sedih la pulak dibuatnya.. At about 3am, I find him beside me, with more clawing and shrieking and yelling and crying and biting and hair-pulling. I was almost willing to give up and shove ‘it’ up his mouth but I kept at it, yet again.. "No, Khaleeq, you’re a big boy now.." The cycle continues.. and once again at 6.30am — I just brought him out to watch whatever is on Playhouse Disney Chanel, made him a bottle of milk and sat in front of the tv with him, while I slowly run my fingers through his hair and try to catch a little bit more of sleep. But, in summary, he finally did it! ONE full night without my b**bies. :) Well done, Khaleeq boy!

The coming days got better though - less clawing and shrieking and yelling and crying and biting and hair-pulling until there was NO MORE… :) Khaleeq truly is a BIG boy now and he deserves that little blue bike with training wheels.. [B, are you reading this? :)]

-dillz blogging out-

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