Saturday, November 11, 2006

Kembar Tak Seiras

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Meet my T10 twin sister. She’s pink though. heh heh heh. Owned by CikPijah and this picture was taken during our mini-PPP gathering for iftar in IKEA last Ramadhan. Remember the RM15 buffet I was raving about?

Yup, that one. :)

Summary? Basically,there was a lot of queueing up involved; the food was plentiful but I couldn’t be bothered to get them coz the line was so damn long. Anyways, there were 8 of us on full count. But the number grew very slowly from 2 , thanks to the massive downpour which blocked all entrance to Damansara Perdana. We basically ate off each other’s plates. The dish that I remembered the most was the paru goreng — did we eat a whole lot of that stuff! heh heh heh


Despite the queueing up, the conversation was great (read: gossiping) and the company was amazing. What more could you ask for, eh? [Note to self: Should really do a whole lot more of this.. ;)]

-dillz blogging out-

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