Sunday, November 12, 2006

Belated Selamat Hari Raya Post - Take 1

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Selamat Hari Raya everyone!!!

We had a long break this Raya and it was Kelantan’s turn for the first day of Raya this year. Let me just point out an obvious fact at this point in time : balik kampung during festive seasons is a feat in itself. We were trying to be clever and outwit everybody by starting our journey at about 5.30pm on Saturday. The logic was simple:

1. We figured that since the holiday break is inclusive of Deepavali which is on Saturday, most people would have already started their journey on Friday. So, day of journey was set to Saturday.

2. Most people would choose to start their journey at a convenient time, say: after Subuh, after iftar.. So, we picked a time with the expectation of berbuka puasa on the way - say, in Raub or Gua Musang.

3. We get to munch and drink during a big percentage of the journey.

There were 2 cars in the convoy - The Azruls and The Amrans (my hubby’s brother). Abg Amran, being super organized, went ahead and packed 6 packets of Nasi Goreng of varying spicy-ness. We met up at the iftar place in Raub- Restoran Muallaf that serves yummy Chinese-inspired dishes. We had our pre-packed Nasi Goreng there, with Western Prawn, Squid Dried Chilli, Blackpepper Chicken, Steamed Siakap in Soy Sauce and some veges. Sedap gila, okay.. Despite the volume of cars on the road and the slow down at Bukit Tujuh, we made it to Kubang Kerian at 2.30am - that makes it a whole 9 hours after we left the Petronas Gombak petrol station. And that is inclusive of the 1 and a half hour of iftar break in Raub. Not bad, eh?

Rayakb1 Rayakb2 Rayakb3

Raya morning, I had to get the kids readily bathed , clothed in our Brown ensamble and fed before ‘they’ all got back from the mosque for Sembahyang Sunat Raya –> Mission easily accomplished by outsourcing it to Parmi. :) After the visit to Azrul’s dad grave, the whole family is all gathered up for the traditional Mohon Maaf and Duit Raya session. We then went to visit other relatives.

Didn’t go to many of friends’ houses though. It was kinda hard to sync our schedule with those few friends that we actually have in Kelantan. We only made our way to Rashdan’s (Azrul’s primary school buddy) house in Kubang Kerian and Suhla / Hiday ’s house in Pengkalan Chepa. Not too surprising seeing that Azrul went to school in KL post-primary education and yours truly is not a Kelantanese.

Rayakb56Rayakb5Rayakb4<– The very single and available Rashdan, Suhla’s birthday in PC and Khadra being ajakun about tikar mengkuang at Hiday’s place.

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