Friday, April 06, 2007

She Quoted Me!

Just a little tak larat coz she quoted me in her testimonials.. I am testimonial number 9 after the likes of Kenny Sia, Dina Zaman, Juliana Ibrahim, Ruby Ahmad... Eh, tiba-tiba , ada lak Dilla Zaghlol.. :) (kembang hidung....)

and I quote:
This girl is 25 years of age and is turning her dreams into a reality. I was taken with what she has accomplished in such a short time. The sheer determination and hard work. I am really impressed!" ~ Dilla Zaghlol
Waaaaa... I feel like my opinion matters... heh heh heh
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Jangan lupa, aaaa!!!!

-dillz blogging out-


che' nah said...

dilla... write something along those lines for me, and i'll be sure to quote you too! teehee... ;)

nih tgh buat aktiviti apa la pulak nih makanya her blog is being abandoned yet again!

halwafy said...

Dilla, susah ada peminat blog anda seperti che nah...thus, you must update evlyday from now on...

Anyway che' nah...I oso want to read YOUR blog...what's the address?

D.N.A.S said...

Dilla, tumpang lalu.

Che' Nah,
dia ibu mengandung yg busy... maafkanlah dia. Hehe.

ruby ahmad said...

Hi Dilla,

Thanks for your visit the other day. Lovely of you. Gosh! You were at Ninie's mag launch. I wish we met then. Taapa, next time, insy.

Oh you're in the family way. Congratultions. Your first my dear? Do take care. Kalau nak tips do holler. Cheers.

K Ruby.

Lil' Miss Easydent said...

wah wah wah kak dilla...beria support stfian eh? :P

dillazag said...

che' nah --> Bagila url blogmu...

halwafy --> Ditto that. minah ni anonymous blogger, susah maaa...

d.n.a.s --> Look like busy only... heh heh heh

dillazag said...

Kak ruby --> Waaaa.. You came my way.. tq tq tq..
I wasn't there, but I read about it a day before... Tu yang promote Ninie habis-habis tu... :) BTW, it's Number THREE.. heh heh heh

L M E --> Mestilah.. Srikandi Boleh!

ruby ahmad said...

Hi Dilla,

Wow! No 3???? You look so young that's why I thought no 1..he he.

What a small world, re your father, but I tak kenal your father very well. That day he joined us late, probably due to prior engagement.

Presidents of both alumni attended the lunch. A few representative committee members were invited as well. It was a working lunch and we managed to sort out many issues together. Nevertheless, I find it cute that you saw your father in the photo. Again, small world..ha ha!

Btw, in July we are having our inter alumni bowling. Do attend. We send out invites to participating alumni. Take care my dear.

dillazag said...

Kak Ruby --> Look aje yang young.... heh heh heh Would love to join in the inter alumni bowling- jangan lupa invite Srikandis, ok? We'll give you a good fight!

The Yoga Instructor said...

Your testimonial about me inspires me. Boleh? Ke terbalik?

Alaaaaaaaa, I yang tak larat sebenarnya you quote me back, he hee..

Macam zaman STF pulak main tak larat - tak larat kita ni, he hee..

Thanks for the (I self quote yes, Im perasan like that :D) testimonial Kak Dilla. One of my most favorite, deeply appreciated.

dillazag said...

TYI --> Tu la pasal.. Macam kat sekolah la pulak nak tak larat... (You all still guna that phrase, ek?)
I bukan nak bodek you, it just came from the heart... :)