Monday, April 23, 2007

What Was and What Was Not!

What Was Not:
I waited and waited for 11.30am for Kelab Disney Malaysia to air on Saturday. In fact I scheduled my whole day around the airtime of 11.30am to 12.30 pm in the hopes that I could get to see my daughter on the idiot box. You see, they came to Khadra's school for a shoot last weekend and I had the impression that she'd be on this weekend. So, we told the whole kampung to tune in as our little precious will be on National TV - all our family members, some 30 unsuspecting people bombarded with smses.. And the waiting game began... Then, suddenly... Apahal lak cerita budak sekolah Shah Alam ni nak pergi menari in Turkey? Alamak.... It's not showing this week... Imagine me, waiting on my mommy's brand new super comfy sofa, with Khadra on my lap. Aleh-aleh, takda pa-pa.. Aaaaahhh.. Frust, ok? Khadra just went, "I am not on TV, mom" and merrily went ahead with her business.. Me? Pressure punya pasal... Tu tak campur malu lagi.. I just closed my eyes and caught up on some sleep. Malas nak pikir... I found out later from Khadra's teacher that the program will air sometime in May. So, here's to waiting, yet again... Don't give up on me, people.. Let's wait together-gether, okies?

What Was:
What Was, however, is that I had a fantastic series of makan-makan with some girlfriends from PPP. The quorum that made what I fondly called the TETBES was made up of Noresh, Amy, Aje and Zied.
We didn't plan it that way, just that the ones who finally turned up had pretty large assets (?) heh heh heh We started downing the scrumptious Daim cake intersperced with the yummylicious Swedish meatballs with cranberry sauce, before making our way to the Little penang Cafe for some tea. On the menu was the Penang Curry Mee; meehoon only with extra tauhu; a plate of Gurney Drive Rojak, Prawn mee, cendol and a variety of beverages. The food was finger-licking, the company was great and the conversation was scandalous! Uuuuhhhh.. I loike!!! Another write up can be read at Amy's - also the source of this ciloked pix. (Ros, Pijah, Sand - lain kali musti mau join aaa...) *Updated* Other write ups on the same event: Aje & Noresh .

-dillz blogging out-


Amy said...

Aik? MAcam pernah nampak gambar iteww ehehhe.. nanti remind aku lagi sekali bila Khadra nak kuar kat TV..aku nak tengok...

D.N.A.S said...

you've been TAGGED! Lalalalalala...
Sila tengok kat my blog. Jeng! Jeng! Jeng!

I rasa Khadra kuar TV time cuti sekolah kot. Tak kisahlah, mmg every week pun kitorang tgk TV3 pagi Ahad.

dillazag said...

amy --> Oops! kantoi la pulak... heh heh heh

DNAS --> Sempat lagi nak TAG orang ni.. Saya buat lah sat lagi, ok?

Nanti saya tau datenya, saya broadcast kat sini, okies?