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Friday, April 13, 2007

Kids Say..

I just came back from Genting for a 5-day course (this could make up a post in itself) around 2pm yesterday and the rest of the day was spent with my two kids and better half. I just LOVE my kids' reactions greeting me at the front door. As soon as I rang the doorbell, I could hear small footsteps shuffling and small, high-pitched excitement going on behind the door. True enough, waiting for me were the sweetest little faces you could ever imagine, jumping up and down, calling my name.. A picture of true bliss... :)

So, I'll just leave you with this little peek into our life and show you what I have to deal with on a daily basis!

We were driving along Federal Highway the other day when Khadra asked me;
Khadra: Mom, you know the circle and line with a bike on it?
Mom: Yeah?
Khadra: That means the bike can not go on the road because it's dangerous, right?
Mom: Yeah.. 
Khadra: That means we can ride the bike in our house, right?
Mom: Huh?
Wah... Sungguh power penakulan mantik dia... She was actually justifying why she rides her bike in the house!

-dillz blogging out-


Amy said...

Hahah that Khadra kan?? She got a point. So cute la..akak tak nak bawa dia ke Saturday nanti? I would love to talk to that bubbly girl :P

dillazag said...

Amy --> I am contemplating. But, she gets tired after ballet, nanti sibuk nak balik rumah pulak.. Camna nak borak?

cik ros said...

fyi amy, kalau nak borak-ing session ni kan, kene tinggalkan bb's kat umah. kalau tak mcm mana nak borak sakan. tak gitu kak?

hahahha penakulan mantik...terhingat zaman sekolah2 dulu.

dillazag said...

cik ros --> Tu lah.. Kasi kacau ibu mau cakap daa.. Ros, confirm datang, kan? Boleh share Daim cake tuh..

e W a Z a g h L o L said...

waduh, Khadra! she is sangat pandaai la! pwetty aweewa the weewa mish u la pwincess khadra :( KisskissFromTuEwa~

dillazag said...

Ews --> We miss you too. Takde chan nak balik Malaysia langsung ke?

Amy said...

Oh lupa..nanti mama-mama semua tak sempat nak borak sakan sampai sambung minum kat bawah plak ek? Hihihih.. om Rosnah.. aku belum sempat nak ajak sesapa lagik..keje tengah kritikal. Start Khamis baru ok :P
-Saya nak makan sorang Daim cake saya-

dillazag said...

Amy --> Haaaa.. Paham pun.. kui kui kui. Kena ada 'ME' time jugak la Amy... Me time is gossip time..

e W a Z a g h L o L said...

Kak ngah --> chaN byk pls! duit takdak! huhu savings... nak pi gold coast! i missed my convocation too tau tak? hermmph nasib badan...

dillazag said...

Ewa --> Convo tak penting.... Jalan lagi penting.. heh heh heh