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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Muslims All Around

I managed to finish up Dina Zaman's I Am Muslim whilst I was up near the peaks of Genting Highlands. (actually, nearer to the base of Genting Sempah daa..) People I know around me (virtual or otherwise) were writing reviews on it, attending it's launch, etc.. I bought it at Silverfish in Bangsar, (next to Devi's) 'coz I wanted to see for myself what the fuss and the controversy was all about. And, I was pleasantly surprised.

The book is a collection of Dina's articles about how life is lived by Muslims; from her experience with the bomohs, the ustazs to the everyday Sitis and Ahmads. Very rich, very insightful. I was also pleasantly surprised to see some fimiliar names quoted in the book -- Eeh.. macam kenal, aje?

Overall, it was a very good read. Just have an open mind and see for yourself, please... BTW, if you wanna catch her live: she'll be in MPH, Bangsar Village II from 11.00am to 12.30pm on Saturday; 28th April 2007.

-dillz blogging out-


D.N.A.S said...

Itulah pasal, punyalah banyak kali nama Idlan mentioned in the book, maybe we should look forward to reading her book pulak, kan?

dillazag said...

DNAS --> Yeah, Idlan used to work with her masa kat NST.. And, she writes beaooootifully! I am looking forward to the next book too.. :)

Along said...

I'll try to find a copy of the book. I need some other type of reading material other than Disney and PlayHouse. Ahaks..

dillazag said...

Along --> Please do. So sesuai as a bedtime read.. :)

ruby ahmad said...

Hi Dillazag,

Patut I tersedak2 baru2 ni..he he. Rupa2 nya I kena mention kat sini. How sweet and thank you. Dina Zaman is an entertaining read. Take care sweety.

Idlan said...

Uih. Ngumpat orang ek. Hehe.

Sebenarnya I've been thinking about writing down stories about STF experiences. Tapi entahlah bila. And if it wasn't budak-budak STF, ada ke pun orang nak baca? Also Kak Dilla, who is the contact person for STFOGA these days kalau nak contribute something to skolah?

dillazag said...

Kak Ruby --> tersedak, eh? sowee... heh heh heh

Iddy --> I am with the committee to help the school, (along with kak Hana and Leymah) ... what do you wanna contribute? meh sini, meh sini....
BTW, pls do write the book... i'll buy it, definitely!!!