Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Absence..

So, we were at Awana, Genting Highlands for a 5-day Managing Across Cultures course. It was meant to prepare managers who would be going on international postings / assignments. The day would start at 8.30am and end at 11.00pm daily. There were lectures, lectures, lectures, case study presentation in the form of a sketch (I loike acting!) and we had to come out with an action plan to resolve the 'real' issues when we get back to the office. So, it really was 5-days (and more!) of hard work..

The course is simply an eye-opener for me. We were very lucky to get prominent speakers in the field to come talk to us. We had Dr. Paddy Bowie, an 83-year old Oxon who has been in Malaysia for 53 years. Gosh, she's been here even longer than Malaysia's independence. (She's also the one who gave the Oxford toast at the Boatrace Gala Dinner) We had our personality trait profiled by Peter Shephard, and I am a high RED. This cluster represents sociability and expressiveness. According to the CREDO Personality Profile, people with high RED scores are:
More extroverted, warm and friendly. Good at greeting people, uninhabited. Expressive with eye contact and gestures. Initiates and responds. More spontaneous, optimistic and cheerful. Likes excitement. Moves at a more vigorous speed. - I guess that kinda summarizes me. ;)

There was also Dr. Asma Abdullah, the cultural guru who happens to be an old-TKCian and Peter's wife - so when she talks about across cultures, she really knows what she's talking about. Then, there was Sverre Stoje, a Swedish who gave a very entertaining and expressive talk on Change. We also had the priviledge of having a Life Coach onboard in the form of Ms Su-Chzeng. Last but not least, we had a very special main instructor, Mr Mano Maniam, who is more well known as an actor than a culture expert! So, that was the icing to the cake!

In between, we also managed to slot in a 2-hour karaoke session. I didn't know that I was surounded by such karaoke junkies. But of course, I find that the microphone is in my hand, most of the time. (I am a self-confessed karaoke-biatch!) It was really kinda hectic for us but I managed to find some more 'me' time and finally finished I Am Muslim by Dina Zaman. ;) (Not gonna go into that until later, ok? )

I just needed to emphasize that we worked really hard that week... We honestly did. Honest!

-dillz blogging out-


Ainun said...

Hi Dilla!

First, I must protest, I'm not a karaoke junkie ok ;-) Well, after five days of sheer "hardwork", what do you expect, must let the hair down once in awhile-lah. What with a RED and a GREEN as the karaoke Queens, the PINKs and the other colors were being agreeable and cooperative-lah. He!He!He! Anyway, see you in the next assignment, perhaps. (Check the schedule)

dillazag said...

Kak Ainun --> How very agreeable of you. heh heh heh What a nice surprise to see you here.. :) Lain kali lalu, jangan lupa drop a line, ya?

put said...

hi! stumbled across your blog while bloghopping...and guess what? i know your sister, azlul kalilah...altho i dont know if she still remembers me, it has been ages...we met at MLA Cheras before I went to Trolak...anyway, if she does remember me, kirim salam ok? thanks...


dillazag said...

Put --> Insya allah. Will do. Lalu lalang la sini lagi.. :)