Friday, June 18, 2010

I'm Backkkk!!!

Been away from the home country for a while. Attended the CommunicAsia 2010 in Shingapore. Great timing for a seminar as it coincides with the Great Singapore Sale! Yeay! The travelling and catching up on work after the travels. Well, let's just say I have been a little tied. ;)

Anyways, just wanted to share a possibility on this lovely Friday. My weight as per what the scale in the hotel told me.


Biar betul... If that is so. I have lost 3kgs already since. (I doubt it would stay on like that even, looking at what I have been eating while I was there. hihihihihi) Biarlah, betul ke tak betul ke.. It's a moral booster anyways.

BTW, you heard about the flood at Orchard Street? Thank God I already left my hotel and made my way to the Singapore Expo. There's just sooo much to update! :) Talk to you soon, lovelies.

-dillz blogging out-


kucingorengemok said...

wahhh! 3 kilos since bila tu? lupa dah bila u announced your starting weight... congrats! teruskan usaha anda untuk tahun hadapan (macam report card, hehe)

dillazag said...

makacih. makacih.
i hope to sustain this sampai dapat ideal weight! hihihihi

Nana said...

ooo 3 kg banyak tu! Pasal banyak running around shopping ke? hehehe! shopping is the best form of workout EVER! hehe!

The Momster said...

Yeayy! Well done dillazag!

dillazag said...

I bet that was one of the reasons. Singapore made me walk so much my butts hurt! :)

Yeay me too! :)

Cik Ros said...


dillazag said...

cik Ros,
dah verify dengan scale dekat gym - adalah disahkan! Weehee!!!!

PT saya suruh turun sampai 58kg.tinggal 5 kilo je lagi ni... :D

Nina Nurziana said...

wa... tahniah!!

dillazag said...

Thank you dear. :)