Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Three Days into the Mid-term Holidays and still NO Plans for Vacation

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Kesianlah pulak kat anakanda - anakandaku bertiga. Cuti dah cuti. Tapi tak ke mana pun. Bukannya tak nak bawa ke mana-mana. But time is kinda tight. Before I knew it, it's already Wednesday of Week 1. My husband is away for a business trip till the weekend. Add to that Khadra's commitments on her full week practice schedule for her Action Song and Rhythmic Gymnastics next week. So, that basically means these kids are not going anywhere far - not in this school holiday, anyways.

Just to let them have a little bit of holidaying spirit, the kids have been shipped out to my mom's place in Puchong since Saturday. Just them kids. I also posted Bibik Parmi at Pondok Azlul for a helping hand. Me and the hubs have been sleeping in our own home. The kids are kinda enjoying it coz ZZ and her kids are also staying in Pondok Azlul. (Maid gone balik kampung) So, they have the company of their first cousins there - Naqib, Teyta, Neyna, ChenChen and also Shoshoff. It's like camping over - but indoors. Everyone is happy.

But it's not all play there over in Nenek's house. I have assigned Khadra and Khaleeq daily school / homework and exercises to be completed. I would drop in at my mom's for 2-3 hours to go through their work every two to three days.

Kesian punya pasal, I am taking a day of leave this Friday to take them prolly to Sunway Lagoon ke hapa ke. Jangan tak, ya dak? Ews, JOM!

-dillz blogging out-


KS said...

samalah kita kak.

dah dua malam berturut2 bawak anak2 pusing2 tgk lampu dalam putrajaya setelah anak i cakap "aiman kan tgh cuti ni mummy". tragis btol.

dah le atuk2 mereka kedua2 belah sangat sibuk dengan komitmen masing2, jadi terperuk kat rumah ajelah :(

kena plan something ni!

joven said...

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dillazag said...

hujung2 tak ke mana pun. Anak busy, Ibu busy, Dad pun busy. Balik Puchong je lah budak-budak tu... :(

Thanks dear. Will do that soon. :)