Wednesday, June 09, 2010

My New Man Hunk PT

Just to let y'all know that my old Personal Trainer (PT), Jess has left Celebrity Fitness and left me into the cares of Jeff. I was told that:
  • he was the finalist of Man Hunk 2008
  • the competition was organized by a Chinese magazine, called Newicon
  • the finale event took place in Sunway
  • he made it to the final 12 and was featured in their calendar
From the available info, I could only assume that he was one of these finalists as described in Kim Ong's blog.

The StarOnline also covered the story along with the cover of the said 2009 calendar with the 12 guys strutting their stuff topless. Of course.

Just a little confused though, coz the Star listed the "deliciously dishy dozen" as Jack Gan, Dennis Lee, David Chan, Vincent Wong, Vinvent Kho, Kelvin Boon, Tanggo Khor, Lee Kok Yang, Desmond Cheah, Jenson Lee, Kitson Chea and Sean Ooi.

Tak de pun manusia bernama Jeff, kan? Maybe dia pakai nama Chinese dia kot. Hmmmmm...

Anyways, akhir kata kepada sesiapa yang dok mengata saya sebab dapat PT perempuan awal-awal dulu (refer exhibit di bawah):

Ketahuilah, Tuhan itu Maha Adil. Look who's smiling now... :)

-dillz blogging out-


The Momster said...

berhati2 jgn nak control vogue je on the treadmill lepas ni dillazag! hihihihi...

dillazag said...

hahahahahaha... tak control pun. muka tahan perit. hihihihihi

che' nah said...

ahahaha... teramat lah tak melaratkan, especially the look-who-got-the-last-laugh-now tang kat hujung the post tu. n'tah haper2. :P

p/s: i'm guessing that jess... jeff.. tu sumer2 nama samaran je...

dillazag said...

che nah,


*nama sebenar, bukan nama samaran*