Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fish! I Screwed Up!

I was in my car, at the office car park when I finally realized that I totally forgot about my kids' mengaji class tonight. Reached my phone - battery's dead. Fished the other phone out of the handbag - dead also. By this time, I was already 45 minutes late.

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Knowing how the kids dispersed after mengaji classes, they were all gone in the first 5 minutes. Suddenly my own experience waiting for my dad in the dark with my 2 other sisters flashed quickly before my eyes.

I think I was 8 years old or so. I was attending primary school at Sekolah Kebangsaan Sri Petaling, Petaling Jaya with two of my sisters at that time. The three of us ; Ziezi, me and Illa ; were waiting for our ride home as per usual.

We waited and waited and waited and nobody came for us. The day was getting darker (we went to the evening session) and slowly turned into night. We were the only three beings left outside the school compound, hugging each other tight (Probably crying too). Then, a car approached and there was our dad asking us to get into the car.

A stream of complaints came from the three princesses - "Mengapa lambat?" "There's no one else here" "We were the last ones, Encik"

Sekali kena tengking, daa.... hahahahahahaha

It turned out that our then 4 year old brother drove the Isuzu Pajero down the hill and ended up in the ditch. (He didn't actually, drive, he just released the handbrakes and the car slid down the hill) So, itulah sebabnya lambat, dan of course he had other things in his head at that time, with the balik kampung plan screwed up and all..

Anyways, pointnya adalah, I know how it felt to be the last one waiting for your parent to arrive. Been there and done that. It's a lonely feeling and one gets pretty restless. And cranky and teary-eyed. So.....

Panic.Panic.Panic. Aduh! Lagilah pressure!

Luckily, I spotted the Blackberry car charger in the car. Plugged it in and immediately called Ustazah Yati. She said she tried to call but it didn't go through. I apologized profusely and told her I was on my way. The journey to Kota Damansara was a smooth one, I was there in about 15 minutes. I must have driven at 120km/h where I could.

Anyways, as I arrived, her house had the gate and the front door closed. No lights in the foyer. Dark and a little scary. Called Ustazah to tell her I was already there. Her sleepy voice greeted me and said, "OK". Turned off the engine and ran to her house to quickly hug my two sweethearts. More bouts of apologies ensued. Luckily, both kids were smiling widely. Ustazah shared with me another great news - Khadra has gone to Iqra' 5. Yeay!,Khadra! Gave them a quick kiss and a last kopek apology to the Ustazah. We made our way to the car.

Talking, talking, talking in the car. We made it home safely. All is well once more. :)

Moral of the story: Lain kali ingat la nak ambik anak , weh!

-dillz blogging out-


The Momster said...

Oh no! Things like that do happen right? :(

Good to hear all is well!

~ayoi~ said...

Hehehe. If I knew, I boleh tumpangkan the Khas. Harith pun kadang marah kat I kalau dia yg last sekali balik. In fact there's one time I have a flat tyre, and have to change it. Called Ust. Yati and explained. 1 hour late. *sigh

Rin said...

I'm staying in the neighborhood. In case of emergency next time ke, just give me a tinkle, I can help pick them up.

Along said...

Dulu masa kecik2 selaluuuuu kena ambik from kelas ngaji last. I guess from there I got the love of reading...sebab asyik kena tunggu, bwk buku cite mana2 pi.

dillazag said...

Kena live and let live. Hihihihi. Yeah, so glad they didn't throw a fit or anything. My schedule been so busy plus dengan tak cukup tidurnya. Terus terlupa. *sheesh*

dillazag said...

Thanks for the offer. Nx time kalau terkandas, saya call eh. Problemnya saya tak hingat la pullok diorang mengaji semalam.

dillazag said...

Rin, thanks for the offer dear. You are such a sweetheart!

dillazag said...

Ada gak hikmahnya, ya? :)

Azlul Kalilah said...

Hihiihiii.. i couldnt stop laughing..rofl.. U haf such great memory, sissy!! I can now remember vividly how we clutched to each other.. scary mary, terrified in a cold sweat.. Love u to bits!! Dont u eva repeat such behaviour. Jgn lagi terlupa ambik anak weh!!

p/s: Isuzu was it?

dillazag said...

Sekarang bolehla gelak. Masa tu, takut weh!!!!

p/s Yes, it was Isuzu.