Tuesday, June 22, 2010

jí​shí​ jiào​shī​

jí​shí​ jiào​shī​ or, in the full mandarin character, 即时教师 means an Immediate Teacher. At least that's what the mandarin translator website tells me. The instructions are completely in Mandarin. Just a blue stamp of "Home Work" to tell me that this particular page needs to be completed before he returns back to class tomorrow. I had to turn to the worldly knowledge of the web to help Khaleeq figure out his Mandarin homework.

Just in case you are caught in the same predicament - by predicament I mean not knowing how to speak, read or write the language but having to assist your child anyways.

It's basically a two step process.

First: Character dictionary
Use the brush icon to invoke a clean white screen where you could "write" the characters and a bunch of character will be filtered for you to choose from. It's important that you kinda know the order of the strokes as it affects the filtration process. Just pick the character that resembles the character that you want the most and it will appear on the top left screen. SHould you wish to define this character, click "Go". Do this for every character that you need before you go on to the next step.

Second: Translate
Translate the bunch of mandarin characters that you have gathered to form the instructions that you need. I missed a couple of characters so, in the end it read: "The activities of a sub-rain line.." Hmm..

We figured that we needed to cross the box in the activities that you can't do on rainy days.

Bantai je lah Labu... hihihihihi

-dillz blogging out-


sity29 said...

wahhh hen hao! ni ye ke yi jiang hua yi aa jie jie? wei shi me wo bu zhe dau?

dillazag said...


sity29 said...

ingat kan akak leh berbicara mandarin :P

saya ckp.. "how come i dunno u can speak mandarin.. "

KS said...

oh no!! wo bu ming bai. ni shou shen me?

haha. amik mandarin 2 sem kat ppp. mmg tak hingat hapa dah. ntah camne dapat A pon tatau lah haha. the only mandarin character yang saya masih ingat nak tulis ialah 'wo'

dillazag said...

Tak boleh... Setakat nak tolong Khaleeq boleh la..
Wo pu chi tau...


Apa benda tu dik oi??? hihihihihi
saya ingat nak la ambik class Mandarin one of these days.. :)

sity29 said...

ahhahaah... ok laa at least leh tolong buat homework :P hehehehe
your friend said.. "i dun understand what are u talking about" hahahaha

dillazag said...

nasib baik ada translator!

fariza said...

hehehe .. interesting... am in the same predicament ... but better disposition ... here is another website which i find useful too..