Monday 29th February 2016

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It's a LEAP year!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Quick Stop

Finding time in between my hectic liburan schedule to drop by this side of the world. Am actually being fondhandled by two persons as I type this. One doing the cremebath treatment on my head and another doing reflexology on my feet. So, yeah. Agak busy. Hihihihihi

Going to the spa has always been a highlight for my Jakarta trips. Kalau boleh memang nak pergi hari-hari. :) I told Alina Kansoor via fb that I'd review the spa I'm currently spending 5-6 hours of my time in today. She's going to Jakarta this Friday. Hopefully I won't disappoint.

Mean time lemme just relax and NOT think about work. Ngee.

-dillz blogging out-


KS said...

like i said dalam tweet, jelesshhh!!

dillazag said...

Sekali sekala maaa. :)