Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Selamat Pengantin Baru, Hani...

I was really excited to receive a wedding invitation from my former housemate in UNITEN - Fazilah Hani Harun. The invite itself was creme and pink and at the cover , it said: Hani & Zizan. The first thought that ran through my head was, Hani nak kawin dengan Zizan Raja Lawak ke? It was quickly answered when I turned the cover coz Hani (in her beautiful engagement outfit and complete with tudung) was smiling right at me with Zizan Nin by her side. So, the first question quickly answered and it was quickly replaced by "Lawanya dia pakai tuduung!!"

Apparently, Hani is now with NTV7 - she's a broadcast journalist. Of all the years I've known her, she's really been doing most everything. I think she started her working life as a stewerdess in Malaysia Airlines, then Air Asia. She was part of the team that went on the maiden flight to Manchester and took photos with the ManU team, I think. hihihihi.. Then she worked for some engineering consultant's office and now settling at NTV7. So to say her life is colourful is somewhat an understatement. :)

A few calls between friends later, we have kaw-timed with my lovely Srikandi, Jaja to secure a place on the same table. I had a lovely time catching up with friends - loads of goss and laughter!

The bride was a sight to behold. So beautiful in her flowing outfit. She looked a tad taller than Zizan. Prolly due to the heels. He even commented on it during his speech - "To my wife, what can I say? You look so beautiful AND tall" hihihihihi.. Lain kali pakai platform lah brader... :)

My highlight moment, dapat ambik gambar dengan the bride and groom!!! hihihihi

Girlie housemates reunited. (Mana Juju?)
L to R: Inche Azrul, Inche Azril, Zizan Nin, Fazilah Hani, moi, Jaja

We are so happy for you, beautiful Hani. Here's wishing you a wonderful journey of life together as man and wife! Yes, you are absolutely right, dear - it won't be a bed of roses. Make it work and stick together through thick and thin. :)

-dillz blogging out-


Along said...

Wah, I didn't know Zizan was getting married. Lamanya tak mengikuti perkembangan artis tempatan. Hehehehe...yeah, the pangantins look really cute together. Tapi yg tudung merah tu lagi comel, tembam lak tu. Hhehehehe, jangan marah Kak Dilla.

Anonymous said...

Jaja@ Jarina Jani ke? Lain nya ...

Aja@teratak Hami

dillazag said...

I know my rosy apple cheeks are a little obvious in the picture, tapi ni je satu2nya gambar aku dgn bride and groom. Akak terpaksa.. hihihihihi
Tembam siut!!!

Jaja as in Khairiza Kurdi lah. Dia junior kita - Form 1 masa kita Form 5.

Amy said...

Cantik la Han ni kak..gorgeous!

ms ngantuk said...

she was in ppp before kan? the name n look sgtlah familiar tp i x tau nk tanya sape. hee rupanya u pegi the wedding.

dillazag said...

Saya setuju!!

yup. Budak A-Levels 15 rasanya.. One year your junior. Masa tu dia tak pakai tudung pun. She is one of those yang one would notice sebab sangatlah stunning - even in everyday setting. She was with me masa kat UNITEN. :)

Amy said...

Ler budak PPP jugak ke? Tak perasan la, maybe sbb lain program kut.

ms ngantuk said...

i rasa dia lg lawa minus heavy mekap. dulu i sll confuse muka dia dgn shell..mcm org puteh je features depa ni :)

dillazag said...

Iyalah. Budak PP tu. Junior awak 2 tahun. :)

ms ngantuk,
yes, she is stunningly beautiful. even more so kalau tak pakai makeup. so natural.

ma famille said...

Hani ni masa kecik2 mmg cute. Her dad, Uncle Harun housemate my dad, i think when they were in UM kot..

dillazag said...

ma famille,
wow! what a small world! :)