Thursday, March 04, 2010

Good Food In Sarawak

Happy Thursday y'all!

I have just the thing for this fine Thursday. Presenting to you the food what we ate in Kuching on that work trip last month. We stayed at the Riverside Majestic Hotel (formerly known as the Crowne Hotel , me thinketh), by the Sungai right smack in the middle of the city of Meow.

Let's start with Top Spot - the damn famous seafood place, just behind our hotel. We wanted to go to ABC but it was closed so we went to the stall beside it. Food for the night adalah tajaan Danawa, Thank you En Bird and Puan Ema. :)

1. Top Spot - Looks like a carpark donnit? YES it is!
2. Oyster cake - I didn't like it though. hihihi
3. Chilli crab
4. Kawan Lala (for the life of me I can't remember it's name) - have to try it, but I'm not a fan lah
5.Soup timun (actually adalah gamat) - quite yummy actually

The next night we went again, sebab naaak jugak rasa makan dekat ABC. Nasib baik bukak! :)

1. The famous ABC sea food.
2. Curry crab - not as nice, I thought, sebab I could rasa the serbuk curry and the taste was kinda piercing gitu. I was told to try the Blackpepper Crab next time.
3. Butter Prawn - Aaahh!! Easily the best I've had.
4. Siakap masak asam.
5. Midin goreng belacan.

On one of our breaks we went to taste the pride of Sarawak - Mee Kolok and Laksa Sarawak.
1. Rajah Cafe, near to the Puspakom Tanah Putih.
2. Mee Kolok - you could choose beef or chicken. (Looks a little like maggi, kan?)
3. Laksa Sarawak.
4. Teh Dangdut. 3 layers of stuff- the bottom one is nira, me thinketh.
5. Air Tebu Lemon Asam Boi. Terbaeeekkkk!!!! (This is also at Top Spot)

Wah! Suddenly I am famished lah pulak. :)~ Jom makan..

-dillz blogging out-


jfook said...

I love oyster pancake. How come u dun like? Hahaha

dillazag said...

not my cup of tea, lah. tasted like really thin telur dadar with bits of oyster in it. hihihihihi

nurfaiz shaidan said...


Dah terliur dah org kat sni..

kucingorengemok said...

tebu lemon asam boi? waaahhh, orang semenanjung cepat la jual kita nak minum

dillazag said...

MEMANG sodap!!!!
tak sesia nikek belon! :)

sounds so gross but oh so sedap..... just right aje the mixture..

Anonymous said...

Kawan Lala = Ambal.
The next time you're in Kuching, do give Umai a try. It's a traditional Melanau dish, ala2 kerabu in Semenanjung but added with raw fish and cili and whatnots. Setapp!

dillazag said...

Ya betul!!!! Itulah nama dia.. Si Ambal!!!

Umai tu memang dah nak try tapi takde kesempatan. I also tried Oyster Cake and that Soup TImun upon a local's recommendations. Kalau orang tak suruh, idok le saya try.. hihihihi.. Scary tuh..