Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Will the Real Inche Kamarul Please Stand Up?

Series of conversations overheard from my phone these past month or so.

Time: 11:30am on a Tuesday morning
Man: Good morning. Can I speak to Encik Kamarul zaman please.
Me: He doesn't use this number anymore.
Man: Do you have his new number?
Me: No. This is MY new number, ok? I just got it from Maxis.
Man: Oh. Thank you.

Time: 8:30am on a Saturday morning
Old Lady: Hello?
Me: Hello.
Old Lady: Eh, Ni Ayu, ya?
Me: Huh?
Old Lady: Ni Ayu ya? Boleh cakap dengan Kamarul?
Me: Tak. Dia dah tak pakai dah nombor ni.
Old Lady: Ohhh.. Terima kasih ya.

Time: 10:30pm on a Monday night
Lady: Hi!
Me: Hello.
Lady: Who's speaking?
Me: You're calling me. Who's there?
Lady: Oh. Can I speak to Kamarul?
Me: He's not using this number anymore.
Lady: Oh, thanks..

And etc, etc, etc

On top of that I have also been getting broadcasts from don't know where. Samples are as follows:
  1. THE RED PARTY happens every THURS; Celebrating anything RED! Also Ladies Nite tonite! 'Rojak music' with DJ Eric & DJ Wicked. THE SANCTUARY @ Curve; 7710XXXX.
  2. Extended HappyHrs (Limited Time Only) ! 12-7pm; BUY 1; FREE 1! 7pm -12am: BUY1; FREE 1/2 (til 11pm Fri & Sat) for HOEGAARDEN, STELLA DRAFT. THE LIBRARY; 7726XXXX.
  3. Watch Circus/ Acrobatic Shows during Happy Hrs! Kilkenney, Guiness, Strongbow, Paulaner: Buy 1; FREE 1 b4 7pm (Buy 1, FREE 1/2 7-10pm). THE OPERA (Sunway) 5635XXXX.
  4. Shop @Origins dis Bonuslink Day, 26/3! Purchase RM350 FREE Gifts wrth RM147! 5Xpt& Parkson double voucher! Call us to make a FREE mini facial appt T:037725XXXX
  5. Celebrate World Book Day with MPH! 16/4-15/5 Enjoy 20% off in any 2 titles code M014 & 25% off on selected Female Author titles. Info, call 03-2938XXXX.
  6. UNLIMITED Gambar gadis cun menanti anda! dapatkannya dengan taip ON HF ke 33230. Tiada yuran dafter!
  7. Mari berbual dengan si cantik & hansem. SMS ke 3163 > utk lggn chat! Pasti xrugi jumpa jodoh.
OK. Udah la tu.
Dah penat dah saya jawab.
Ini bukan nombor Inche Kamarul!!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s : Oh. Hi guys. Sorry for the long silence.

-dillz blogging out-


Amy said...

I miss reading you la kak. MMmm hope all's well. Mowahss. Eh tukar no phone ke?

hani said...

K Dilla, I like #6 and #7 hehehe

kucingorengemok said...

hi... hehhee, nice comeback entry u got here :)

dillazag said...

Nombor utk my berry. Sekarang dah pakai this number mostly. Saya dah broadcast lah 2 months back. :)

Tu lah kan??? Melampau tau!!!

Hi you. I have to update my reads on your blog too. Lama sangat dah tak appear this part of town. hihihihihi

Mimy Hamid said...

hehehehe..so funny la

dillazag said...

hari ni ada jantan lak call nak cakap dengan K. Adoiaiii.... Femes betul lah Dato' K saya ni...