Friday, March 05, 2010

Java Jazz Festival 2010 - All My Bags Are Packed I'm Ready To Go!

The day has come.
Am leaving at noon to Jakarta for Java Jazz Festival 2010.
Tonight I'll be serenaded by John Legend and Sheila Majid.
Tomorrow Toni Braxton.
And Babyface on Sunday.
I'll try to update as the opportunity arise.
Do check on my twitter (@dillazag) for the blow-by-blow account though.

-dillz blogging out-


RedLife2Love said...

njoy urself =)

sity29 said...

ingatkan dah pegi
ahahhaha rupanya blom!

dillazag said...

thanks babe. jumpa minggu depan ya!

belum lagi.. sempat pergi buat groceries lagi pagi ni. hihihihihi

ZaTiL said...

have fun!!! :)

Anonymous said...

have fun dillazag!

KS said...

Have fun kak dilla!!! :)

Amy said...

*tunggu update dan gambar dari Kak Dilla neh*

dillazag said...

zatil, momster, ks:
thanks lovelies!! :)

tunggu sikit lagi ya. Saya baru settle down. Sikitt le lagi.. :)